Tip Of The Week: How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

By Becky Onoise From ConnectNigeria

I know I’m not the only one that battles with the fact that my perfume
doesn’t last all day. I mean I get a sweet, beautiful smell the minute I
put it on; but after a while it’s gone, so annoying. Well it is true
that the type and quality of the perfume play a role, but there are
tricks you can apply to get the best out of whichever one you use. As
you leave your house everyday and you spray your perfume, you’re hoping
to smell fresh and nice all day long; but to your disappointment it
doesn’t last that long. So you start blaming the company that produced
it considering the amount of money you spent to buy it. That’s not
really the problem though; it’s all about knowing how and where to apply
your cologne, and also know how to store it so t some simple tricks you
should do to make your perfume last longer.

Store in the right place
Perfume needs to be stored away from light, as heat, humidity and
dampness breaks down the fragrance. Instead keep them somewhere cool and
dark like your bedroom, or just keep them in the boxes they came in.
Apply after shower
The common mistake most people make is waiting till it’s time to leave
the house to spray their perfume thinking the smell would last longer
that way. Actually the best time to apply is right after you get out of
the shower before getting dressed. This way your damp skin will lock in
the scent as your pores are open after you take a shower giving you a
fresh scent all day.
Apply Moisturizers
Use an unscented moisturizer or vaseline on the points you want to spray
as the ointment in it will hold the fragrance for long especially if
you have a dry skin. Apply on your neck, wrists, inside your elbows, on
your collar bone, behind your knees and behind your ear.
Don’t rub together
Spraying on the wrists is good because they are pulse points and are
warm. The warmth in this area will help the fragrance remain strong, but
the mistake we makain strong, but the mistake we make is rubbing wrists
together after application. Friction will cause the top notes of the
perfume to break down and the scent will fade faster.
Spray inches away from your body
To get the best out of perfume it is better to spray it 6 inches (15.2 cm) away from the skin or (where you want to apply it).
Don’t over apply
Most people spray excessively in the hope that it will smell better and
last longer; but this could be suffocating for the next person close to
you. Don’t overdo it, a splash or two is always better.
Spray on your hairbrush
I’ve seen people that spray on their hair and am guessing is for the
hair to smell nice. The alcohol in perfume can damage the hair so this
is not advisable; spray lightly on your hairbrush first or just make use
of hair oils instead.

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