What To Do To Gain Weight

A lot of ladies are trying to keep fit and not be overweight. However, there is a small fraction of ladies that are too skinny. As a result, they don’t look as curvy as they would want. This can be a mountain to climb for ladies that are naturally skinny.

But why would one be underweight? It could be as a result of a few stuff, but one of them is that they tend to have a fast metabolism. Being underweight could be as a result of eating disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes, intestinal infections, cancer, or other chronic diseases.

However, you might look skinny, but still not considered underweight. For instance, just the other day, a lot of people were attacking the legendary, Celine Dion for being ‘too skinny.’ But to her, she chose to be that way and felt good about herself. That is why it is important to know about the signs and symptoms of being underweight.

So yes, you are too skinny and want to have some nice curves and even a bumpy butt. How can you go about it?

Eat Right

We won’t beat around the bush on this one. The first and most recommended solution for underweight is to eat right. Skipping meals and dieting too much may not go well for you if you have a fast metabolic rate.

Remember that you should just eat any meal that you come across. Not all the meals out there will be healthy for you. When you are feeling hungry, opt for healthy snacks or some fruits. You can eat some oats, nuts, nut butter, or other cereals. Drinking a glass of milk twice a day can also help you gain weight healthily. Milk is not only known to be a good weight gainer, but it also promotes muscle building.

You may also prepare some homemade protein smoothies and eat more red meat in your meals. But hey, some chicken breasts can also be healthy when you want to gain some weight.

Generally, ensure that you eat a balanced diet and avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. Also, never go to bed hungry because your body will ‘feast’ on the fat in your body when the stomach is empty.

Make sure that you eat lots of healthy weight gaining foods for skinny girls.

The best weight gain plan is to consume 500 to 1,000 more calories than you burn daily. Ensure that the calorie intake is increased of going for the fatty foods. Some foods that have high-calorie levels include whole grains, potatoes, dried fruits, red meats, nuts, oily fish, and unprocessed dairy products.

Opt for Weight Gain Pills

If your body is just not responding to the food, even after you change your diet a couple of times, you might want to trigger that with some weight gain pills for females.

These pills come with processed nutrients that will work faster than the natural nutrients that you find in foods. What makes them work faster is that the ingredients (nutrients) in the pills are already processed. In this case, your body will not have to grind through it and digest the nutrients for absorption. Instead, it will instantly absorb the ingredients in the pills straight into your system. As a result, you’ll start noticing some weight gain after a while.

The weight gain pills also come with ingredients that will slow metabolism and increase your appetite. In other words, you’ll eat more, but the food will be processed and absorbed more into your body.

You’ll need to talk to your doctor before using any of the weight gain pills. Also, remember to choose the pills based on their ingredients, possible side effects, and how long they’d take to start working. Finding weight gain tablets from a reputable brand is also a plus during your search.

Get Enough Sleep

It has been commonly said that sleep is the best medicine, but for what sickness? For stress, tiredness, body ailments, and even for underweight. When you sleep, you are allowing your brain to rest and prepare for the next day. Also, you are giving room for your metabolic system to get to work and grind that food you just had.

But when you don’t get enough sleep and combine that with your extra-long working hours, you will be exhausting your body, which can be dangerous to your overall health. You can imagine you skipped breakfast, had a light lunch, and the dinner wasn’t as healthy as such. And to top that up, you stay up late and go to bed at almost 2:00 AM. But the worst of all is that you have to be up by 7:30 AM. Do you think you’ll be doing any good to your body? Better yet, do you think you’ll be able to gain some weight? Impossible! That is why you need to get some good sleep every night.

Build Those Muscles

Just because you are a lady doesn’t mean you should work on your muscles. And notice we didn’t specifically tell you to ‘exercise’ because most ladies focus on aerobic workouts that will burn the calories. Remember the aim is to add more weight. For that, bulk up your muscles to add more weight. You can either go for the light weight-lifting or rather go for yoga. Yoga is the most recommended because you will use your body weight to build up your muscles. Plus, you will rejuvenate your mentality through a good yoga session.

Stay Happy/Manage Your Stress
Too much stress is another common cause of underweight. Take my sister, for example. She used to be underweight and looked too skinny. She weighed around 100lbs, yet she was 25 yrs at that time. Reason being, her boyfriend, was stressing her up, and she was too much worried about her future. A few therapy and mindset renewal made her a new being. Long story short, she now weighs 129lbs at 27 yrs. She looks amazing and curvaceous. So there’s no need to be stressed out because of silly stuff. Regardless of what it is, just stay happy and keep the stress out of your system.

You can also talk to a health expert to help you gain weight healthily if you are too skinny. Don’t forget to have a target with your weight gaining journey.