Ace Music Producer PHEELZ Biography,Life And Career.

FULL NAME:           Phillip Kayode Moses

DATE OF BIRTH:    June 5, 1994

OCCUPATION:       Record producer, audio engineer



Pheelz, is a Nigerian music producer who produced the hit single by Olamide titled “Durosoke”, Pheelz is credited to have produced all but one song in Olamide’s Baddest Guy Ever Liveth album. He’s also done quite some huge works for many other Nigerian artists, He is currently affiliated to YBNL Nation.


Pheelz is a native of Ogun State but he was born and raised in Ojo, a local government area in Lagos State. He started music as a 10 year old singer in church. While in high school, he worked under I.D Cabassa in Coded Tunes, the record label where he met Olamide. In 2011, he featured vocals in a song off Olamide’s Rapsodi album titled “I’m Going In”.

He revealed he actually got the name Pheel from his chemistry Teacher so when he met Olamide Baddo back then in coded tunes and he added the Z to it.

Music has always been a passion for him, partly because he is from a family of musicians. His dad always used to play the guitar to him when he was growing up, It fueled the passion that is present in him today.
He spent most of his childhood playing the piano in church, although his parents told him he started singing when he was 6months old.
His parents reaction when he told them he was going to do music was not good but his pastor changed their mind. He stayed with him for 6months and gave him his laptop that was where he saw fruity loops for the first time.


He met Olamide when he was with ID Cabasa- they were both signed under him, They
pretty much came up with the idea of YBNL while they were under Cabasa,
and the rest is history.

His breakthrough as a record producer came in 2012 when he produced the
chart-topping singles by Olamide titled “First of All” and “Fucking With
The Devil” off his YBNL album. In 2013, Pheelz was listed in NotJustOk’s “Top 10 Hottest Producers in Nigeria”. He produced all but one song in Olamide’s Baddest Guy Ever Liveth album, a move which made him gain grounds in the Nigerian music industry and won him a nomination at The Headies 2013.

In 2014, he was also nominated in the “Producer of the Year” category at the 2014 edition of The Headies and at the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards. Pheelz has went on to produce and be credited in popular songs and albums including The Chairman by M.I, Ghetto University by Runtown and Seyi or Shay by Seyi Shay.
In 2015 also he produced almost all the songs in Olamide’s new album which was another hit album from Olamide.

Speaking on people’s comparison of him and fellow producer Young John:
“Young Jonn is a brother to me. There was a studio I used to work with-
H-Factory studio. I met him when he came over one time and we had that
connection. We started vibing and teaching each other things. I
introduced him to Olamide and then Story for the gods came out,
it blew like crazy. Since then, he has produced jams upon jams. I don’t
know why people keep comparing both of us. We are family, we are YBNL,
it’s not good to be comparing brothers. You feel me?

His message for upcoming producers:
Determination and discipline are
key factors. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Believe in God and you
can become whatever u wanna become. Stay true to your craft and it will pave
ways for you. 


Album credits

Year Artiste Album
2012 Olamide YBNL
2013 Olamide Baddest Guy Ever Liveth
2014 Olamide Street OT
M.I The Chairman
2015 Olamide & Phyno 2 Kings
Runtown Ghetto University
Seyi Shay Seyi or Shay
Olamide Eyan Mayweather

Rumored to have had a disagreement with Olamide in 2014 which lead to them not working together for the year but he revealed there was no fight between them later in 2015.
Pheelz with Olamide
Pheelz and his car


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