RockTime Media Floats TINA Magazine For Africa!

RockTime Media Partners, a new startup in charge of (T.I.N Magazine) a web portal focused on Nigeria and exploring the beauty of Nigeria have just launched their new flagship Startup TINA Magazine (, an online Magazine created to be Africa’s biggest knowledge base on the internet, they also aim to connect more Africans at home and abroad with their web based magazine and interesting discussion forums on the site.
So, in a brief mentioning here are a couple topics TINA Magazine is covering: African Tourism, African Celebrities Net Worth, African Music, Sports, Culture/Lifestyle, News, Tech and Many more.

The platform is so detailed that every country has a section dedicated to them.

There is a Forum integrated with the site where users can have meaningful discussions with each other, there is a Wiki, and a Question/Answer portal integrated with the site for better information flow and storage.

Even with the already mobile friendly look the platform has an app already in place for the site, where mobile users can access whatever they want want on the site via the mobile app, available for Android and IOS smart phones.

They plan to make profit by selling ad spaces, and sponsored posts on the site.
TINA Magazine is what Africa needs right now a platform that will showcase more of her beauty to the world.
The Founder Akinola says they plan to be the most popular portal for African contents in 24 months.
The site is already public it has just been launched for beta testing, official launching is 1st June 2018 the site is accessible via