Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Sleep Quality! (must see)

The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Sleep Quality – Richard Nolan

Lack of time has become a real problem nowadays. We want to achieve so many goals daily –  to build a career, to spend a lot of time with our families, to have a hobby, to travel, to hang out with our friends, etc. Where should we get time? Somehow, the majority of people decide that it can be taken from sleeping. But sleeping is essential for our body and mind. Good night’s sleep is vital for calories absorption. When we sleep, our brain processes the information. It is also proven that medicines and vaccines are more effective for those people who get enough sleep. So we sleep. But how efficiently? Here are our smart tips to make your sleep quality better.

Go to Bed and Wake Up at the Same Time

For an average student, this is the hardest part. Sometimes, you have so much to do that you are forced to work late into the night. After such sessions, if you don’t have to be in class early, you can sleep late. You can also sleep late at weekends. Or can you? Such ‘time-management’ will 100% lead to circadian dysregulation. One day you may mix up the day with the night, like a small baby. Try to wake up as early  as possible.  Morning is the best time for productivity. Waking up early can and will make you feel better during the day. And if you are used to it, it will not be a problem. Note that you should sleep for at least eight hours. It has proven long ago that less time is not enough for a good night sleep.

Use a Proper Alarm

Many students use shrill alarms to wake them up. On the one hand, it is rather effective, because you will definitely hear it. On the other hand, it is uncomparable to the stress you get when you do. Use your favorite tunes for alarms and make the sound swell. If you follow all the other tips to have a quality sleep, you will hear such an alarm and wake up with a smile.

No snooze!

A widespread mistake.You see a snooze button – you push it. Why is it created anyway? The habit to use a snooze button is fatal for your self-organization. Eventually, it will make you lose any reaction to the alarm. Besides, if you don’t have to hurry in the morning, it is much better to set your alarm 30 minutes later that to push the button for three times, undergoing serious stress.

Eat Right

Have your dinner, the one when you eat meat, 3 or 4 hours before sleeping. In two hours you can have supper, but it should be really light. This is not only about fitness. You will sleep much better and wake up much easier.

Reduce Blue Light

The devices are an inseparable part of our lives. But the blue light they produce affects sleep quality and leads to anxiety. So, it is perfect to stop using smartphones, tablets, and laptops two hours before going to sleep. At least, allow yourself rest from it for half an hour. You may also use special light filters in the evening.

Create an Evening Routine

First of all, this makes you more organized. Isn’t it nice to tidy up, make facials and pick up the clothes for the next day as a part of your routine? Plus, an evening routine sends a message to your brain that it is time to sleep soon. And the brain starts getting ready for the night’s rest. Don’t make your routine too time-consuming; it might reduce the chances of falling asleep on time.

Mind the Temperature and Humidity

It should not be too warm in your bedroom. If you cannot control the heating in winter, open the window. Close it after a while if you need to. Think of humidity. In case you don’t have a humidifier, put an open bowl with water on your nightstand.

Visualize Your Morning

First of all, think why do you have to wake up early, that is to go to bed NOW. If you have no homework to complete, there are plenty of other activities that should be done in the morning to make your day perfect. Jogging will give you extra energy. Reading will make you smarter. Exercise will make you fitter. Walking will make you more positive and allow you to the city in a new light.

Be Prepared for Difficulties

Do you think there are people who feel great right when they get up early in the morning? Just a couple out of a hundred. Everybody else has to force through the period of a ‘painful awakening.’ You will feel it too. For a couple of minutes, but then you’ll feel great because you’ve accomplished your goal to wake up early. You have to know what to expect from your morning both in a positive and a negative way. When you know what to wait for, you are not afraid of it.


Before falling asleep, take several very slow and deep breaths. Hold your breath for a while after each breath. Count while you’re breathing in and breathing out. First, it will fill all your lungs with air. Secondly, in will allow more oxygen to enter your blood stream. And finally, you will be concentrating on counting, not thinking, which makes you fall asleep quickly.

Take Naps

In the middle of the day, we experience slumps and the temptation to sleep arises. Don’t sleep during a day! Take power naps. They shouldn’t be longer than 15-25 minutes. After half an hour we shift into a deep sleep mode, and we can’t wake up from it, staying active afterward.
Seriously, what is wrong with sleeping? We spend a third of our life on it. This is about thirty years if we are lucky. Don’t we have anything better to do? As it turns out, no. Moreover, we don’t just need to sleep; we need to get as much quality sleep as we can.

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