FUN: Checkout 10 Places You Can Find a Rich Husband in Lagos this 2018

Due to popular demand checkout verified list of places where you can
find the multimillionaire man of your dreams this year 2018 here in

Please feel free to pass this list around. Lets help ourselves dear soul sisters.
See list below:

  1. Murtala Mohammed International Airport: The Arik wing is the best place to start. Its also close to the private jet hanger. Go do your thing soul sister.

  1. Murtala Mohammed International Airport: You go there, pass through security and pretend to be going to the abroad too.
  1. Redeemed Christian Church Of GOD, City of David:
    This is a hustle. So go prepared with your bible and all. Don’t forget
    to dance your way to the alter when it’s time to drop the offering.
    That’s key.

  1. COZA Lagos: If you are on the Lagos mainland then this church is the best place to start. Dress to kill too.
  1. Oriental Hotel lobby: Especially if you like your husband from the orient or if you plainly like it Chinese.

  1. Atican Beach: Yep! One of my favorite spots. Best
    days to go if you are on a mission is the weekend and public holiday.
    You won’t come back the same. The rich gather here like the sand on the

  1. Café vergnano at The Palms: Get set. Ready. Go.
  1. Four Points by Sheraton Restaurant: If you like your husband stinking rich with abroad connections then this is the place. Go. Sit and buy yourself a drink.

  1. Intercontinental Hotel Garage: No dulling sister.
    You can invest further by hiring a car for this purpose. Amaka tried.
    She’s married to a billionaire now. Be like Amina.
  1. Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge: This is the perfect time of the
    year. With everyone trying to shed the holiday weight gained; you can
    be sure the rich from Ikoyi and Lekki will come out en mass to jog. Be
    careful though, the competition here will be very strong.

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