Checkout 7 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a standout species. It takes more than the average
person’s approach to risk, opportunities, and creativity to thrive in
the sometimes turbulent world of business; those who dare to take the
entrepreneurial path and make something noteworthy out of it possess
traits that not many people have.

Maybe you’ve been wondering whether you have what it takes to start
your own business and build it up. You might be cut out to be an
entrepreneur if you recognize the following characteristics as
describing you.

  1. You have a knack for spotting opportunities

Seun Abolaji, cofounder of beverage company Wilson’s Juice,
says he’s always had an eye for finding out supply gaps. While he was
in school, he made money by buying candy from stores and selling them at
a marked-up price to his classmates. The fact that he went on to build a
multi-million naira juice business years later was a consequence of his
ability to spot opportunities that most people didn’t. This is why many
successful entrepreneurs are serial founders- they’re always finding
new market needs to explore and profit from.

  1. You love solving problems

When you look at a problem- whether it’s yours or someone else’s -you
see a challenge. You immediately go into ‘solution seeking mode’, and
think up whole approaches and systems that could be used to deal with
it. This isn’t something you have to will yourself to do; you just do it
without being prompted, and you even enjoy the process.

If this describes you, then you have something that could make you a fine entrepreneur.

  1. You love talking about business

Look out for this when examining the likelihood that you’re made for
entrepreneurship. If you’re quite keen on reading material related to
business- from success stories of famous CEOs to how-to articles on
starting businesses -then you may very well be the sort of person to
found a startup. If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you
fit into this category too.

  1. You’re not afraid to take risks

Entrepreneurship is about taking risks. It’s never absolutely certain
that a venture will live up to the expectation that its founders have
for it. There’s a possibility that it could be a smash hit, but it might
just as well end up as an absolute fiasco. Entrepreneurs have a
characteristically positive view of risk-taking, partly because they
realize that the extent of risk involved is usually proportional to the
amount of reward that could be reaped if it works out well for them.

This doesn’t imply that entrepreneurs are reckless. They are also able to tell when risks outweigh possible benefits.

  1. You’re a dreamer

People who have dreams that are ‘larger than life’ and believe that
those dreams are achievable are more likely to accomplish astounding
feats than those who work with ‘conservative’ goals. This makes perfect
sense: the higher you aim, the farther up you’re likely to go.

  1. You value hard work

If you don’t have this, you’re not going to get anywhere with entrepreneurship.

  1. You’re dissatisfied with the existing state of things

Dissatisfaction with the status quo and a desire to improve or
disrupt existing systems is a well-known character trait of
entrepreneurs. They set up new businesses that challenge established
processes and products, and provide goods and services that contribute
to greater consumer choice and comfort. If you often feel that certain
individual and public needs could be met in better ways than are
presently available, you might consider solving this problem by setting
up something that tackles it.

If you realize that you have these characteristics, but aren’t sure
that you’ll ever get the chance to start up, don’t be discouraged. Just
get yourself ready; when the opportunity comes for you to go the
entrepreneurial way, you’ll spot it, like good entrepreneurs do.

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