Actress Queen Nwokoye Full Biography

FULL NAME:       Queen Nwokoye

DATE OF BIRTH: August 11, 1982

OCCUPATION:     Actress


Queen Nwokoye is a popular Nigerian film actress who made her Nollywood debut in 2014. She is best known for starring as the lead character in a 2014 film titled Chetanna.


She is an indigene of Ihembosi in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.
Queen Nwokoye had her Primary Education at Airforce Primary School. She then Proceeded to Queens School for her Secondary School Education. She thereafter bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Anambra State. She gew up with the ambition of becoming a lawyer.

Queen as a teen grew up in a strict Catholic home. Her upbringing was very strict. she had disciplinarians as parents. Accroding to her it was not much fun because her mum was a teacher and for that, she did not believe in wasting away time. Her mother believes that all your time should be put into good use. If she is not studying, means she is in the church. She did not really have the normal funky upbringing. As a teen, she was quite preserved, scared of her parents and her parents made sure she did what she was supposed to do. It was a strict Catholic upbringing.

IN INTERVIEW WHEN ASKED: How did you fit into the life of an actress when you have this quiet reverend sister kind of look and life?
“The industry is an all comers affair; you find every kind of people in the industry. So when you come in, you create what you want for yourself. Initially, my upbringing was like a hindrance. But my look actually got me the attention I needed before I even started getting roles. This is because when I came, a lot of people started having protective instincts toward me. Because they felt I did not fit in, they took it upon themselves to act like guards. They felt I should be somewhere else. In fact, at a moment I started asking myself if I was really cut out for the industry. But because I have passion for it, I decided to stay. But one way or the other, I would say it helped me a lot. Then again, it was also a hindrance; because of my looks they were not giving me roles. They almost ostracized me. They used to say that I can do it, but my looks would not suit it. They kept on hammering on the looks issue. But thank God, it is a thing of the past now.”


She entered into the Nollywood industry in 2004 when she acted her first movie Nna Meen. Over the years, this talented young actress has acted in over a hundred films.

Queen Nwokoye is happily married and is blessed with twin boys. She is also one of those few actresses that is scandal free and has successfully kept her personal family life out of the media.

Many of her fans don’t know that she is a proud mother of twin boys, Queen has been married since 2011 to Mr Uzoma who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her acting prowess has endeared her to many movie producers and movie lovers, Queen Nwokoye net worth is estimated at N100 million. Names of some movies she has featured in are Ugonma And English, Three Generals, Igbotic Love, One Blood, My Sugar, Beautiful Liars, Sorrow And Tears, Keke Drivers, $ex In The Church, Fake Church, Nneka My Daughter, Mirror of Life, Message To Mary, Heart Of Slave, Hurricane Babes, Ladies Gang, Clash Of Interest and so on.

Queen Nwokoye was named the ‘Most Scandal Free Actress’ at the Best of Nollywood (BON) awards in 2011. She is currently the most sought after actress in Nollywood with a total net worth of N100 million


Have you ever experienced sexual harassment in Nollywood?
I did not really have that. I think for some reasons even when they had it in mind they could not say it to me. The only thing that happens after such is that they would not say it to me and they would also not give me the job. Then, I will keep wondering why I could not get the job..

How have you been able to stay out of controversies so far?
People always say that Chioma Akpota and I are the two actresses in Nollywood that have been able to keep far from controversies. I always allow people to be the judge. All I know is that I live my life the way I ought to live it.

What is your romance life like?
I am going to say this now, but I do not know if I would actually want you to publish it. It is that I am married! This is a crazy job; my home is where I find peace and that is why I do not like exposing it to people. This is because it is a crazy world out there and that is where I get my peace. I go home and I am treated like a wife, like a woman and I feel like a normal human being. That is why I keep it away from my job, my film life. Because I am married, when it comes to men, I stay far.
queen and husband
Queen and kids


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