Rapper Saeon Moruda Full Biography

BIRTH NAME:              Oluwaseun Omolara Oni

DATE OF BIRTH:          born September 2

OCCUPATION:             Singer,Rapper

MARITAL STATUS:      Not Married

Popularly known as “The #BoyChick SAEON MORUDA with the #87Swags”, is a Nigerian Singer, Rapper, Songwriter and all round entertainer. She came into limelight in 2014 after featuring Wizkid on her single “Boogie Down”.


Born Oluwaseun Omolara Oni originally from Oyo State, Ibadan but born and bred in Lagos. Most of her formative years took place in Festac Town, Lagos.

She has a background in International Studies and History from the University of Babcock, Nigeria and a Masters Degree in International Relations from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

Right from an early age of about 5, SAEON MORUDA had always known she was going to end up in showbiz, Music being her major. With her unparalleled passion for Music, influences from her Father who sang but never professionally and majorly from music of the 90s, she eventually wrote her first song at the age of 13 during her MOCK corridor lessons in Queen’s College out of boredom and named it “True Love”.

She coined her stage name, SAEON, by playing with the letters in her real names. MORUDA didn’t become a part of her stage name until later in her career. While making a song titled “Boogie down”, she used the line “sexy mama SAEON mo rude ah” (English for sexy mama SAEON I’m rude, ah!). On seeking a verdict from her good friend, he interpreted it as SAEON MORUDA. SAEON being the creative that she is, embraced the essence of it and seamed it into her stage name, making it her last name. SAEON MORUDA likes to describe herself as a a one-woman army with a passion for what she does. She says the name “MORUDA” brings out the tough tomboy side in her, which explains her “BoyChick” brand.

How and when did music start for you?
Music started for me as a toddler. My father has an amazing voice and a flare for music and I’m pretty sure he saw that in me. He’d ask me to write songs he liked and this was when I was about four or five. I realized that music made me feel some way I couldn’t describe. So I decided I was going be a superstar. I’m very well on my way.
Have you always wanted to do music as a child or the urge came along the way?
I’ve always wanted to do music. It was just a matter of when I’d start writing and doing it on a professional level.
What gave you the inspiration?
I’d never forget. I was 13 and in J.S.S 3, having mock corridor classes in Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos, on a Wednesday morning. I was bored of the class to be honest and then melodies I’d never heard started to play in my head. I was like wait a minute! What do we have here? And so I started to marry lyrics to the melodies and in less than 30 minutes, I’d written my first song, True Love. I’d obviously never been in love but I’d watch enough movies and read enough books to have an idea of what love felt like. After classes, I sang it to my best friend, and she rated it quite good. That, for me, was a confirmation that I was born to do this. I took no song writing classes but it came to me in its own time.
Tell us about your background?
I come from a family of seven. I’ve got four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. I’m the middle child and the middle girl so I’m quite special. We all are.
What was the reaction of your parents when you decided to go into music?
They always knew that music was what I loved to do. However, it took some convincing from my mom to stay in school and follow through with my education first in order to have a backup plan. I had to get a first degree from Babcock University in International Studies and History and a Masters Degree from the University of Warwick in England before I was allowed to do music full time. Now that I’ve got those, my parents are in full support. They get to even have exclusive listening to everything I work on before anyone does. They’re bad like that.


In 2010, SAEON MORUDA became the first ever winner of “The Underground” a platform that showcased up coming Artistes, and through this opportunity, she made a name for her self by releasing a few demos including the popular Let It Go (Oops), Recover From You ft Falz, I’ll Be Gone and My Man. She also featured on Blackmagic’s “Foreigner”, where she showed her diversity in delivery by spitting 8 bars on it.

SAEON MORUDA took her music career more professional in 2012 with the release of her cover to Brymo’s “Ara” which he announced as the best cover he had heard, thus giving her the needed propelling boost. In 2014, SAEON got signed on to Baseline Music. Since then she has gone on to release a body of work named “I AM SAEON – THE EP” as well as several chart topping single’s including “Awada Erekere” and “Bust My Brain” ft General produced by Gospel, “Boogie Down” ft Wizkid produced by Maleek Berry, “Dé Bè” ft Ycee produced by JahBwai, “Nínu Clubí” produced by TK and much recently, “#Aii” produced by DWill.

Since her breakthrough in the Nigerian music industry, SAEON MORUDA has gathered several accolades including nominations at the Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVAs), Hiphop World Awards, Top Naija Music Awards to name a few.

SAEON MORUDA describes her genre of music as Trap’n’B, (a genre she coined specially for her self) a fusion of Rap, Hiphop and R’n’B, with a unique artistry that goes beyond just the production of the sound but into the listeners feeling of it. She has worked with producers like Tintin, Jrs, David Evans, Studio Magic, Ikon, Ibk, Cobhams Asuquo, Gospel, Sazzy (R.I.P) and more recently, Dwill and Karma. In total, she has a little over 70 song writing credits.

SAEON MORUDA’s interests include music, fashion, motivational speaking, fitness, food and travel.

She shared her previous experiences some more in a no-holds-barred situation saying:
“I then released Boogie Down featuring Wizkid. I did what I could to push it the way that I knew how to. It was doing really well on the radio and I needed it to pop off in the clubs and on the streets. This was months before I got signed. Dare I say the record was growing to become a hit but came with a lot of controversy after I expressed my thoughts about not getting as much support as I had expected and was agreed on. I suffered the backlash from that as people came for me, some people I knew and most that I didn’t. I actually had a couple [of] death threats and tons of negative comments sent my way. I pretty much was on my own, no one had my back, [at least] not in public. “I remember getting just two phone calls from a couple [of] people I considered as friends but majority didn’t say a word. It wasn’t like they were obliged to but it would have at least encouraged me. It was as though the entire industry was against me. It was one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever faced. The controversy never started out as a publicity stunt but happened to take place just before I released my first body of work, I Am SAEON – The EP, which was supposed to showcase my R’n’B strengths. “[But the project] drowned in the controversy, [and] to make things worse I had no support from the label as they held off completely from promoting me barely two months after signing me. I wallowed in it. Honestly, it broke me. Not just the ‘altercation’ — for lack of a better word — but the fact that no one, not even the label stood with me, making me feel like I was wrong for spending my money and voicing out because I felt I hadn’t gotten my money’s worth. I felt even God wasn’t with me.

Saeon with Wizkid after settling beef

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