Tip Of The Week; 7 Useful Items You Call Trash, See their purposes

Just before you toss these items in the trash, here is what you can do with them.
    1. Egg shells:
egg shells into an excellent scouring powder. Dry the shells then crush
them till the particles are fine and store them in a dry airtight

    2. Old clothes:
Clothes that
are too threadbare to be given out can be turned into something more
useful. Strands made from old clothes can be woven and sewn into
colourful handmade foot mats.
    3. Newspapers:
shoes and empty handbags with old newspapers to keep them in shape.
Also, line surfaces like kitchen tops with newspapers when working so
that it is easier to clean up after work.
    4. Electric iron:
old electric iron could save the day when there’s no electric power
supply. Simply cut off the electric cord and place the iron over a hot
stove to heat it up whenever you need to straighten your clothes.
    5. Orange peels:
peels can serve as an air freshener. Boil orange peels in water to give
your kitchen a zesty aroma. To freshen up rooms, cut an orange in half
and scoop out the fleshy content. Then add two table spoons of salt and
rub around the inside. Place in a bowl and in areas where you want to
freshen up. As the salt absorbs moisture and foul odour, the peel
releases its aroma in the room.
    6. Body musk bottles:
an empty body musk bottle with water and use as a spray can for laundry
in place of a steam iron. The faint scent of the perfume would still be
in the container and will keep your clothes fresh. Alternatively, it
can be used as a handy moisturising spray bottle for your hair.
    7. Cartons:
more space in a scantily layered wardrobe by arranging items in
labelled cartons and placing each carton on the other. It would be
easier to keep and find items when they’re organised this way; this also
saves you time.

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