Rapper FALZ The Bahd Guy Full Biography,Life And Career

FULL NAME:            Folarin Falana

DATE OF BIRTH:     October 27th 1990

OCCUPATION:         Musician: Rapper, Lawyer


Falz a.k.a Falz the bahd guy is a popular Nigerian rapper who came into limelight in 2014 after launching himself into the music industry in 2011, he raps in his dialect, pidgin and English language. As of December 2015 he has two albums to his name.


Falz was born in Lagos State, South-Westen Nigeria. He completed his basic and secondary school education at St. Leo’s Catholic Primary School, Ikeja and Olashore International School, Osun State respectively, After which he went to study in the University of Reading in the United
Kingdom. Then he came back and went to the Nigerian Law School.

He is the son of Femi Falana, a Nigerian human activist and lawyer. He was
called to the bar in 2012 after graduating from the Nigeria Law School ,

Falz took up Rap as a hobby towards the
end of his secondary school education. Though the passion was there,  he never thought it was something he was
going to give serious attention until towards the end of  his University
days. By then the music he was making appeared to be on a different
level, assuming something of professional status. Then he realised he
could make it a profession.

Growing up listening to the likes
of Nigerian legends Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Trybesmen, Plantashun Boiz, he
gradually unravelled his talent in music. In 2009 he strung together
his first body of work; SHAKARA the Mixtape which proved to be an
introduction of the Falz brand to the public.

Falz started music as a hobby while in secondary school. He formed a music group with a friend called “The School Boys”.
In 2009, while in high school, he released a compilation of some of his recordings as a mixtape titled Shakara: The Mixtape.
Speaking on on what growing up was like for him in an interview

What was growing up like?

up was fun. I was born into a family of three children. I have two
sisters, one older, one younger. I schooled in Osun State, Olasore
International School. It was a boarding school, so I used to live there
(laughs). After that, I went to England, The University of Reading. I
came back to Nigeria. I was at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja. So,
growing up was a bit of different environments.

Speaking on his fathers take on dumping law for music:

Have you had any spat with your father over this your decision of dumping law for music?
That was what everybody thought but I never had a strained moment
over my decision with my father. Though when he got to know, he found it
a bit strange, because none in my family has musical background but
then it never developed into what I would call a strained moment. Later
on he and my mum started to accept it and even go as far as encouraging


In 2011, Falz released a single titled “Waz Up Guy” before he went on to release “High Class” and “Currency” which gained him grounds in the Nigerian music industry.
On January 2, 2014, Falz was listed in tooXclusive’ s “Artistes To Watch in 2014”.  On 30 May 2014, Falz released his debut studio album titled Wazup Guy which was received to critical acclaim among music critics.

In 2015, Falz was nominated in the “Best Collaboration of The Year” category at the 2015 Nigeria Entertainment Awards for his chart-topping single titled “Marry Me”. On 31 January 2015, he released a single titled “Hello Bae” which won him a nomination in the “Best Street Hop Artiste of The Year” category at The Headies 2015.  On 3 November 2015, he announced the release of his second studio album titled Stories That Touch which was later released on 17, an album he later released in November 2015 the album got a lot of positive reviews and has been said to be selling well in market.

November 2015. Falz describes his style of music as “Wahzup music”. It is the fusion of comic lyrics with the contemporary hip-hop in a faux Yoruba accent. On 18 November 2014, Falz was ranked #9 on NotJustOk ‘s list of “The 10 Most Gifted Rappers In Nigeria 2014” stating that, “Falz’s ability to maintain a thought and get his point across in 16 barz while  switching accents, infusing funny punchlines and delivering all of it in a way that makes the listener follow along is nothing short of impressive”.

He is often said to have been shot into limelight after his song titled “Marry Me” (featuring vocals from Poe and Yemi Alade ) won him a nomination in the “Best Collaboration of The Year” category at the 2015 Nigeria Entertainment Awards . He was also nominated in the “Best Rap Act of The Year” and “Best New Act to Watch” categories at the same event. He currently owns an independent record label called Bahd Guys.

Speaking on the industry and the use of lyrics:

What do you say to the notion that there is too much of beats and
sound with less meaningful lyrics in music being made nowadays?

That is very correct. These days many artistes just focus on the
sound with little attention to lyrics because the basic idea is just to
get people to dance. The music industry is all about dance music but
personally, I focus more on the lyrics. When you listen to my music you
will understand there is so much of lyrical message with danceable
beats. I actually address some issues in the songs without being boring
and yet still danceable. I hold lyrics to be very important.

Is it true that as a musician you must indulge in some substance used
to derive inspiration for songs or at least get a bit wild ?

Many people when they think of musicians think of substance use and
stuff to get inspiration but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is not
always that way. I, personally don’t indulge in any substance use for
inspiration. I get my inspiration from life; things and people around
me. I pick on issues that can make great topics and I blend them into
danceable, meaningful music.

Have been nominated for multiple big awards which includes NEA and Headies itself.

Won  (Best New Act) at the Scream Awards 2014

Signed and endorsement deal with telecom giant MTN in august 2015,
He was reported to have signed a deal with with a powerhouse online shopping company, Webmall in 2015 too.
Had another endorsement with Nigeria’s no.1 car site Cheki.com.ng  in April too, a deal said to have been gotten with a brand new car from cheki to him.


Was once rumored to be dating singer Wizkid’s baby mama in 2014.

              8 BRIEF FACTS ABOUT FALZ – TheNet

  1. His stage name Falz the Bahd Guy came from,
    Falz an abridged version of my last name, Falana.  BAHD Guy is a title
    and acronym that means Brilliant And Highly Distinct.
  2. He has an later ago
    “I do have an alter ego. His name is Brother Taju. In reality, I am
    quite shy but when I’m in the booth or on stage, I’m a different
  3.  The rapper became an Instagram sensation with his funny ‘ello bae’ skits however he says he is not a comedian.
    “I have a passion for film, so acting is something I would probably do
    sooner than later. I plan to have my own TV show. I’m not a comedian”
  4. The ‘Marry Me’ singer  calls his own genre of music ,it’s called Wazup music
  5. Falz was rumoured to be dating Wizkid’s baby mama, however when asked about the special woman in his life, he answered saying “I cannot announce one name now because my oga at the top might announce something different.”
  6. He is currently working on his second album and also working on a collaborative project with an affiliated rapper named Chyn. It’s called the Starsky& Hutch Project.
  7. Falz attended St Leos Catholic Primary School, Ikeja Lagos, Olashore International Secondary School,
    Osun State and read law at the University of Reading in the United
    Kingdom. He moved back to Nigeria to attend law school and  was called
    to bar in February 2012.
  8. When asked if he still has a passion for Law, the funny rapper responded saying
    “I used to go to court, but my schedule as an entertainer is hectic so
    I’m no longer able to practice. I may still look into that in future”.
Falz’s cheki car.

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