“everything is now so messed up, isn’t it?” she asked. I nodded quietly.
“yeah it is. You shouldn’t have told her about the engagement” i
replied sadly, “i’m so sorry dear.

I was carried away by anger, now i
understand why you have been taking those silly steps. Mary isn’t
reasonable at all, i’m now tempted to support your tactics” she said
with guilt. I kissed her hair and smiled. “who knows what she’s plotting
this moment?” i murmured, “yeah i guess we have to come out with
something and be prepared” she suggested and stared into my eyes.
“but what exactly do we come up with?, i’m out of options” i hissed,
“well first i think you should try and beg her, perhaps she might feel
compelled to forgive you. After all she claims to be a good christian,
so i guess it’s time she shows the christian spirit by forgiving and
letting you go” she added. I scoffed and shook my head, “you really
don’t know Mary or have any idea what she and her sister are capable of
doing. Anyway i will give it a try but what if it fails?” i murmured. “i
don’t know” she shrugged. “you remember the police officer that handled
the case when Mary first reported me?, maybe he can be helpful in this
kind of situation. All i need is to buy his support, we all know the
police and their ways huh” i quickly thought out, nodding my head over
the bright idea.

Chioma equally nodded in agreement. “but first we have
to move over to my apartment immediately. I wouldn’t want anybody
surprising us here. Let’s go and pack, you can finish making your plans
at my place” she suggested and headed to the bedroom. I shrugged and
followed her.
We finally got to her apartment an hour later with some of my things.
Chioma really was right suggesting i move over to her place for the
meantime. The past experience i had in the police station was still very
fresh in my mind and i really didn’t want a repeat of it. Thirty
minutes later i drove over to Mary’s house but found it locked. I tried
calling her on phone but she refused answering. Without another choice i
drove out and headed to the police station. I cursed as i drove, it was
quite unfortunate admitting that she succeded in spoiling a day i was
supposed to relax with chioma. I spent it running round, scared to the
bone. Thanks to her.

I got to the police station and had a brief chat
with the officer who was extremely surprised to see me.
Unfortunately he wasn’t willing to discuss Mary’s case in his office and
so ended up asking me to meet him at a small drinking joint close to
the station by 8pm. I left thereafter and headed back to Mary’s house
once again but neither she nor her sister were available. I turned and
returned to Chioma’s apartment, tired and a bit nervous. “hmmm, what a
way to spend a day we planned being together” chioma smiled after i told
her how the day’s event went. “well don’t be too dejected, i believe
things will soon get better” she assured me with a smile.
By 7:45pm, i headed out to meet the police officer once again. He was
already at the bar when i got there and equally was the first to see me.
He smiled and waved, i saw his hand, breathed deeply and approached
him. “you see your issue with Mary is quite a delicate one. The best i
can do is to discourage her from reopening the case if she comes to me.
But you know she could easily take it to another police station and then
start up the whole process over again. The only good news about it is
that the case might be flung away in the end if you defend yourself very
well, by claiming to have settled her, but it still won’t stop you from
going through hell in the process. The best advice i can give is for
you to try
everything possible in stopping her from reopening the dead case.

anything possible my friend, threaten or use force if possible but don’t
quote me or leave loose ends” he adviced and gulped down the second
bottle of beer i bought for him.
As i drove back to Chioma’s apartment fifteen minutes later, i thought
over the officer’s advice. He really as right, i had to do everything to
prevent Mary from reopening the case.
“The officer made a strong point but it’s going to be very hard dealing
with Mary which ever way you choose to follow. Or do you have any other
plan?” Chioma asked as we discussed Mary’s issue on her bed later in the
night. “nothing really, just the old plans Jboy and i made way back,
but things have changed and so it’s no longer useful” i sighed uneasily.
She smiled reassuredly and placed her head on my chest. “well i think
you should forget Mary’s issue and deal with Jboy’s burial first, plus
you know there are still much work waiting for you at the office. I
suggest you deal with them before facing Mary’s issue, at least it also
will give us time to plan and await whatever she is planning for us. My
apartment is yours, so you are free to stay as long as you want” she
advised seriously.

I nodded and shrugged.
“i guess i have no other option than to abide and follow your
suggestion” i murmured with a smile.
Days later, i travelled to Jboy’s village, discussed with his family,
fixed the burial date, returned to the city and informed his colleagues
about the burial arrangements. It really wasn’t easy at all but it was a
debt i owed him as a true friend. His colleagues however paid for the
coffin and ambulance that took his corpse home, while i footed other
bills like the burial posters, pamphlets, entertainment, mortuary fees
and so on. My account almost emptied in the process but it was a little
price to pay for a wonderful friend.
I equally was lucky that Mary never showed up her face nor surprised me
with any trick as i ran around for the burial.

Though i avoided her like
a plague by staying away from my apartment and living with Chioma all
through the period. Jboy was buried two weeks after i moved into
Chioma’s house and it was quite an emotional scene. Everyone who
witnessed the event wept, especially as his body was lowered into mother
“Life is nothing. We have to live each passing day with prayers and good
deeds as if it is our last day on earth. We have to be prepared because
we can depart this world any time, any day” The Reverend in charge of
the ceremony preached as we bade my most loyal friend goodbye…. Surely
life is nothing but mysterious…


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