OAP And Actress Moet Abebe Full Biography

BIRTH NAME:         Laura Monyeazo Abebe

DATE OF BIRTH:     29 July 1989

OCCUPATION:        Video jockey, Radio Host, Actress, Catering Executive,



Moet Abebe is a Nigerian video jockey, television presenter, actress, catering exec.
She became a very popular face on Soundcity TV as a host of the One On One show, Body&Soul and Global Countdown
show. While working at Soundcity she had the opportunity of getting a
few Movie and TV series script such as Red Card, Oasis and Living



Born in the United Kingdom, She went to Corona Ikoyi Primary School for
her Primary School education, Dowen College for a year where she did her
part of secondary education. From there she went to Woldingham
Secondary School in Woldingham, Surrey, United Kingdom, Then after this,
she went to St. Teresa’s Secondary School also in Surrey where she then
did her GCSE’s and her A-Levels. In 2008 she gained admission into the
University of Manchester, where she studied Law 
While she was in Secondary School she had great interests in a lot of
extracurricular activities such as Public Speaking, Acting, Athletics
and Dance which increased and developed her sense of creativity which
would be of great advantage to her later in life.


What was your growing up like?

I was an only child from my mum, so I grew up mostly with my
mum and grandma. My dad travelled a lot. It wasn’t really lonely
because I grew up in a place where there were always kids around, so I
had people to play with. But at the same time, I had the benefit of
actually being on my own most times that nobody knows me better than I
know myself. I feel that gave me the power and the liberty to know my
strengths and weaknesses. I actually had a very happy childhood. I like
my childhood because I had the opportunity to play with people around
and also the time to focus on myself.

Did you grow up here in Nigeria?

Yes, I was here for about eleven years, but I was born in
England. I did my nursery and a bit of primary school there. Then I came
here, I went to Corona School. After that, I went back to England, got
my school cert and A-Levels. Then I went to the University of Manchester
where I studied Law and proceeded to law school there.


Her journey into limelight came after she decided to move back to
Nigeria in pursuit of a career as a Tv Presenter. Three months after
moving back to Lagos, Nigeria, she attended an audition for Soundcity
TV, she sailed through the auditions and started working for Soundcity
TV as a Tv Presenter and Producer. She became a very popular face on
Soundcity TV as a host of the One On One show, Body&Soul and Global
Countdown show.  In 2016, she began her career on Soundcity Radio 98.5fm
where she handles the afternoon popular show called “TheTakeover” from
2-6pm Monday to Friday. She has featured almost all the top Nigeria
musicians on her radio show such as Vector (rapper), 2Baba, Olamide,
Chidinma, D’banj and many more.

Abebe showed her versatility in entertainment when she acted in a few
Movies and TV series which include Red Card, Oasis and Living
Arrangement. Her acting has given her an edge in the Nigeria
entertainment and media industry. She has been featured in a number of
music videos like “Alabukun” by Lynxxx featuring Banky W, “Getting you”
by Show Dem Camps and “Pakurumo” by Wizkid.

How easy was it for you to break into the industry?

It wasn’t easy, but I really believe in faith. While in
England, I kept on saying to my friends that this (Soundcity) is where I
want to work. I felt that because I already had my mind focused, it
wasn’t exactly so hard to achieve. When I got here, that was when the
real work started, because I had no presenting experience. I even had
more experience in acting than in presenting.

As an actress, how daring can you be at interpreting roles?

I actually take acting quite seriously. If the movie is all
about sex, then that’s basically just a porn flick. I’m not going to do
that type of movie where all we talk about is sex. But if there’s a
scene and as long as it’s not too provocative and as long as my
interpretation relates to the actual character, why not? I’m not going
to go nude or anything like that, but I do believe that there’s tasteful
nudity. I’m not going to do anything distasteful. As long as it’s
necessary to the role, why not?

What’s your kind of man?

Hardworking. I don’t necessarily want to date anyone in the
industry. I don’t judge people that do. But for me and the type of
commitment I’m looking for, if I’m to get into a relationship, I’m
intending to get married to the person. So I need someone that’s really
focused and fully committed. I’m not really about the physical
appearance, I’m more concerned about what you’re bringing to the table
as regards my future, children’s future and all. Basically, I want
someone who’s hardworking, has his head screwed up properly, who’s
making his money and is basically responsible.

You don’t think you can find him in the industry?

I didn’t say I can’t, but I’m not looking in the industry.

MOET pretty on radio
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moet and dad

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