Mary’s sister” I whispered to Chioma who intelligently followed my eyes.
“hmmm are you scared?” she asked, reaching for my hand across the
table. “of course not. Just surprised” i answered with a dry laugh. She
scoffed and cracked a silly joke which made me laughing out. Mary’s
sister simply, ordered a drink, sat a distance away from us and kept
throwing her eyes on me.

There wasn’t any doubt She clearly noticed the
affectionate display going on between Chioma and I. However she did
nothing than only to keep her eyes on us until an elderly gentleman who
she probably had a date with joined her minutes later.
Chioma and i had a very magicial night when we returned to my apartment
later in the evening. We had a quick shower together, before ending up
on the bed. Our night of passion was really one of a kind. Hot, super
and explosive. I gave it to her with all my strength while she recieved
all i gave out with joyful abandon.

We totally satisfied each other.
“you know from this moment, we are into everything together. No more
secrets. No more double dealings” she whispered into my ear after the
second round of sex. I smiled lazily and nodded. She sat up, played with
my d*ck for a while, slid a rubber on it and lowered her kitty over it,
sitting on my groin. “and no more dirty games or cheating” she added
seriously as she took me back to wonder-land.
We woke up the next morning, very weak and sleepy.

I lazily turned to
face her and was surprised to see her eyes were on me. “how are you my
love?” i greeted. She breathed deeply and smiled. “i don’t feel like
going out today” she replied sweetly. I kissed her forehead
passionately. Just that moment, my door bell rang, leaving me with a
deep sigh. “c’mon it’s 7:30am, who could it be?” i asked angrily,
“I guess it’s Mary. It’s quite Logical she will come rushing to see you.
Her sister must have told her about us” she said calmly. I said
nothing, dressed up and went to the entrance door. Lo & Behold! Just
like Chioma said, it was no other person than Mary.

“goodness me! Mary what are you doing here?” i asked with a surprised
expression, “you came home with her right?, she’s inside huh?” she asked
like someone under the influence of an evil force, before trying to
force her way in but i objected and blocked her. “what’s wrong with you
huh?, why didn’t you at least call to inform me that you were coming?” i
asked desperately. She scoffed and bit her lips.
“i called you on phone all night but you failed to answer. You were
probably busy with her, now out of my way, i want to see her” she
screamed furiously, launching at me like a tiger. I stood my ground and
blocked her. “you are going nowhere besides we had an agreement
remember” i said angrily, “and this is how you are keeping yours” she
barked. I rubbed my face with my palms and scoffed.
“let her in dear. I want to talk to her” i suddenly heard Chioma say to
me from behind. I was extremely shocked. “you heard her?, now out of the
way” Mary screamed and forced her way into my apartment. I was left
stunned and speechless.

I was never prepared for such encounter.
Chioma smiled politely as Mary walked into the apartment like an angry
landlady. I watched silently, my heart furiously pounding. “I know a lot
about you. I know more than you can ever imagine. I have never been in
support of how he has been treating you.

I have to be sincere, so please
calm down”
she addressed Mary with ease, leaving the old lady extremely stunned and
alarmed. Mary froze for a while and studied her quietly. “and what’s he
to you?, how do you get to know much about me?. Are you also in it just
like Jboy huh. I need not tell you that Jboy was a good friend but a
bad influence. It was unfortunate he ended the way he did and now you
are trying to stick your nose in something i presume you have little
knowledge on. Young girl better run along” she scolded Chioma with
intense anger. The poor girl drew back with fear before quickly
regaining herself. “don’t disrespect Jboy or use his death to your
advantage unless you are trying to tell me you have a hand in it. I
can’t be scared of a bitter woman” she cried, “you can assume whatever
you want. I have fasted and prayed ceaselessly for a husband. God
answered by providing Ken, every obstacle that tries to prevent it from
happening will be destroyed by he who answered my prayers.

You can stick
your neck and dare me. I have warned you. I can bet my life that i met
him before you did, i have nothing else to say” she warned and turned to
leave while Chioma surprisingly ran after her forcing me to act fast
and prevent her from attacking Mary.
“we are engaged. Our marriage will be coming up soon” she yelled at Mary
who froze for a second, gave us a weird look before leaving my
apartment. Chioma broke into a loud cry as soon as she left.


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