FUN TUESDAY: Top Ten Cutest Male Musicians In Nigeria 2015(pics)

Making it a fun Tuesday we’ve come up with an interesting list which
features Nigeria’s most handsome musicians of 2015.
Well, y’all should get ready to
know the cutest musician in Nigeria 2015.

First, we would like to let you know the criteria we used for making this
The list comprise of any musician in Nigeria who is already in the
limelight and that is very cute. So the list may not feature some star
musicians all this is about is your cuteness and look. PS: This is not a list
of the sexiest or hottest male musicians in Nigeria it is all about the pretty
looking face and your look in general.
Note: The list is majorly judged based on their recent looks in music videos, promo pics,instagram pics and off-screen this year. So this list might be different next year.



10] Davido

Davido the guy with crazy dimples, this dude can be really attractive
sometimes, and some other time he may not be, but judging in general Davido can
be concluded a cutie. He is fresh and has some features ladies like in his

9] Iyanya

Oh.. we all know dude is freaking sexy, but in case you don’t know, he is
really cute too. Iyanya looks so great off-screen, you should see how good he looks in this year’s music vidos. He is totally among the top

8] D’banj.

Many might disagree but, in case you don’t know, D’banj is really a cute
man. He is loved by most female celebrities in Nigeria. Have you ever met D’banj in
person?? Oh you should meet him and see how clean and fresh he is!

7] 2face Idibia

2baba have always been among the cutest Nigerian male musicians since he
started. Tubaba is cute tall and also clean. No doubts, He is totally among the
top ten.

6] Wizkid

When dude first came into the industry many believed  he is the cutest male musician ever. No one
would deny the fact Wizkid is cute and clean. He would have looked cuter if he
were a bit taller though.

5] B- Red


This guy have been said to be the most fresh and clean Nigerian celebrity by
people who have seen him off-screen. He looks absolutely cute when he is on-screen too.

4] Lynxxx

Lynxx has always been named the sexiest man in Nigeria a lot ot times, dude
has got it all.. He is just too cute and sexy. Well he is our number 4

3] Korede Bello

Ok. No doubts. Dude is Nigeria’s most loved male musician in 2015,  He is absolutely cute. He is young and has a
matured look, and not forgetting his nice lovely brown skin. Most Nigerian girls just love him..

2] Banky W

 This guy has been among the cutest musicians in Nigeria since he came into
the music industry many years ago, He is so clean, fresh and the ladies love
him too!

1] Kiss Daniel


Wow! We arrived at number one! Trust us, there is no one cuter than him at
the moment. He may not look really sexy but He’s got all the prettiness, Dude has a good looking face and he his tall. You should see this very pretty&^perfect look he’s got in the RABA Video.
Ladies love him.. You should hear
how these Nigerian OAPs talk about him on Radio too, everyone’s got a crush on him.

So that’s it! You have anybody that should be here that is not here?? Drop your comments.

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