Brave: The Face Student Who Sacrificed His Life To Save Over Hundred Muslims Targeted By A Female Suicide Bomber In Borno

A young boy has been hailed as a hero after he gave his life to protect hundreds of other students from a female suicide bomber. He lost his life in the incident that happened in Borno State.
The Darussalam Science & Islamic Academy made out time to praise the selfless service of the boy and wrote: “The management and the entire academic and non-academic staffs of DARUSSALAM SCIENCE AND ISLAMIC ACADEMY, wish to announce the death of its student Yakubu Muhammad Fannami, who courageously sacrificed his life to protect the lives of over hundred Muslim ummah in a mosque at kaleri.
“The deceased made his encounter with a female suicide bomber who tried to force herself into the mosque and detonate the explosive device at the early hours of today Wednesday, 25th January 2017. May aljannatul firdaus be his final abode. Ameen.”

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