Tips: 10 Things Guys Can Wear To Win Over A Woman(Pics)

So we bring you tips of the day and this time a lot of guys are gonna be interested and benefit from it.. Its about time you start looking classy!

Ditch your white socks,
throw away your stained hoodie and start taking notes. We found 10
items that are so good, they are practically foolproof. If you’re
wearing one of these pieces of clothing in a bar, we can almost
guarantee that she will start talking to you. But what happens after
that is up to you.

Behold, 10 items that plenty of women love to see on men.

1. The perfect pea coat because freezing your ass off in the winter isn’t chic.


2. Expert layering because it requires time and skill and shows us that you pay attention to the details.

3. A leather jacket because, duh.

4. Sneakers that aren’t 10 years old and full of holes, because you aren’t 17 anymore.

5. A well-tailored suit because nothing is more attractive than a man in a suit.
suit gandy

6. Beanies because they will make your scruff stand out. (And on that note, scruff).

7. Dark, straight leg denim. Extra points if you roll them at the ankle.

8. A flannel shirt because then we can steal it.

9. Aviators because they look good on practically everyone.

10. Desert boots because, obviously.
desert boots

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