History+Tourism: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About The Mysterious Riyom Rock In Jos+Beautiful Pictures


Here are outstanding pictures of the spectacular Riyom Rock in Jos,
Plateau State in northcentral Nigeria. The Riyom Rock is one of the most
enchanting scenes in Nigeria and taking a look at the way these mighty
boulders are arranged on top of one another in that delicate position
for thousands, if not millions of years, one cannot but be awed by the
majestic wonders of nature.

rock formation is located in Riyom Town just 25 kilometres to the
southwest of Jos, the capital city. The Riyom Rock is located in Riyom
Local Government Area of the state and the area is predominantly
populated by Berom people. When viewed from some angles, the formation
resembles the map of Plateau State.
The formation is also popularly known as Three Rocks.

PICTURES OF The Mysterious Riyom Rock aka THE THREE ROCKS of JOS
Riyom Rock Jos Naijarchives Riyom Rock, JosENCHANTING: Riyom Rock, Jos, Plateau State. Photo credits: Mike Blyth/FlickrRiyom Rock Jos Plateau State Map Naijarchives Riyom Rock, JosThe location of Plateau State in Nigeria. Plateau State is also referred to as the Home of Peace and Tourism. Photo credits: Wikimedia CommonsThe following pictures below are courtesy of the Murmushi Photo Project taken in December 2011.
Riyom Rock Jos3 Riyom Rock, Jos
Riyom Rock Jos4 Riyom Rock, JosLooking at the pretty villages below from the top of the Riyom Rock.Riyom Rock Jos6 Riyom Rock, JosFelix, a young Nigerian in traditional attire pose with the formation.Riyom Rock Jos5 Riyom Rock, Jos
Riyom Rock Jos7 Riyom Rock, Jos
Riyom Rock Jos8 Riyom Rock, Jos
Riyom Rock Jos9 Riyom Rock, JosPhoto credits: Gasi Haga Ye GbeiRiyom Rock Jos10 Riyom Rock, JosThe rocks are easily visible from the Jos-Akwanga Road. Photo credits: Manjang Yohanna Bitrus.There is a group that
is clamouring for the rock formation to be listed as the 8th Wonder of
the World. The relevant authorities need to really work on making this
fantastic tourist attraction a major hub for West Africa. It is just too

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