Singers SKUKI Full Biography,Life And News

NAMES: Tumininu Laolu-Oguniyi and Atewologun Laolu-Ogunniyi.

DATE BIRTH: they were both born in the 1980s.

STATUS: Unknown

OCCUPATION: Singers,Rappers.

Skuki is a Nigerian Afro hip hop duo composed of two brothers: They are also known as Vavavoom (Tumininu) and Peeshaun

The brothers were both born in the 1980s in Oyo State, Nigeria.

They attended The Staff School, University of Ibadan and The International School, University of Ibadan. The duo developed an interest in music shortly after they graduated from secondary school. [ 2 ]and shortly after that, they had to part ways as Tumininu went to study Geography at the University of Lagos while Atewo studied Law at the University of Ibadan. Their musical talent was discovered at an early age as they entertained family and friends during holidays and social gatherings. This was no surprise as their father is a renowned musician, director and producer. As a result of this, their father involved them in a nationwide awareness tour of the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) program where they performed in the presence of the then Head of State, Gen Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and other notable Nigerians. With a newly found desire for limelight and entertainment, their father featured them in a TV commercial for Sungass in 1988; the result showed that the boys were a natural at entertaining.

Noting them to be raw talents waiting to be tapped, he involved them in Children Celebration Theatre (CCT), a TV series and a host of other short plays. These activities increased their confidence in front of the camera, added a little to their acting skills and some money into their tiny pockets. Hence, featuring in the ‘Census 91’ advert came easy. From the early days of recording their vocals on their elder brother’s mix-tapes, which always landed them in trouble, to the first time they recorded professionally in a studio, they have honed their skills individually and together as a group. Over the years, the duo while still studying, kept their music dreams alive by coming together, composing and recording over 40 songs.


The brothers reunited in 1999 in preparation to start a music career under the name “Skuki”. [ 2 ] Their debut single, “Fire,” stayed on the Africa Edition of the Channel O Top 10 Chart for four months and was number one for four consecutive weeks. Their singles “Stamina” featuring “MoÇheddah” and “Banger” featuring “DJ Zeez” have brought them awards and prominence.[ citation needed] Skuki has a way of building and creating vivid images from their songs, there by taking it way beyond the music and inspiring their fans every step of the way. Skuki came out with another monster hit for 2013 B.A.D an acronym for ‘BEAUTIFUL AND DIFFERENT’. SKUKI B.A.D Video which was shot in Capetown, Southafrica and premiered on MTVbase Africa spanking New and SOUNDCITY, currently enjoying massive airplay on terrestrial and international music channels and has garnered over 130,000views on YouTube under one week of its release.. currently they are out with a club and dancable track which they titled Voom- Va and features the Ibo rapper Phyno.. Voom-Va currently on most charts on radio stations across Nigeria and well played across clubs too.

Their hit songs in the Nigeria music industry includes: *.”Fire” 2008 *.” Banger” featuring DJ Zeez 2009 *.”Stamina” featuring Mo’ Cheddah 2010 *.”Take You Home” 2010 *.”Sho ti Gbo” 2010 *.”Hallelujah” 2011 *.”Shanor” 2011 *.”Move It” 2012 *.”Necessity” 2012 *.”B.A.D” 2013 *.”Voom Va” featuring Phyno 2013

Awards *.MOST PROMISING ACT at the Dynamix All Youths Awards. *. Next RatedAWARD at the prestigious HIP HOP WORLD AWARDS, 2010. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] *.NEXT RATED AWARD again at the highly recognized students PEAK AWARDS. *.BEST NEW MUSICIAN at the CITY PEOPLE AWARDS.

One of the brothers stage name Peeshaun was accused of running out a tattoo shop in agony during tattoo make up in the U.S. In 2013
The second brother was also involved in a phone sex chat scandal showing him and a girl sending sending erotic photos of themselves to eachother.


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