Actress CHIKA IKE Full Biography

NAME: Chika Nancy Ike

DATE OF BIRTH: 8th of November, 1985


OCCUPATION: Actress, Model.


Chika was born in Onitsha Anambra State She grew up in Lagos Nigeria, but it was not until the year 2004 that she started expert portraying. chika ike Chika Ike is one of the couple of actresses that have been featured in over 100 Nollywood movies. Chika according to her parents has always had so much love for portraying, most especially at her juvenile tender age, she stuffed the nickname “Fancy Nancy” from her parents and school mates because of her love for playing short dramas while looking at herself in the front of the reflector.


The first of the Chika Ike movies was shot in February 2004, when Chika went for the audition of Chico Ejiro’s video- sugary love. Though she got a secondary function but it didn’t take long before she got another role in Tchidi Chikere’s video flick – Standing solely. Chika Ike has since appeared in several prominent movies such as; bless the progeny, My Prince and my princess, Paradise, Wisdom and wealth, and Emotional blackmail. In 2005 Chika Ike got a acknowledgement accolade as well as an African Movie Academy Award {AMAA} , as the best imminent actress of the year, just 2 years after she boasted in her first video.
In 2006,Chika Ike marriage was the talk of the village, most particularly amidst Nollywood movie lovers and communal newspapers sites. The superlative marriage was held at Chika Ike’s dwelling town and was well attended by top players in Nollywood as well as politicians and enterprise moguls from Delta state where Chika Ike married man family hail from. The marriage continued till late 2011.
One of the most famous Chika Ike latest report is that she is having difficulties with her 5-year old marriage.

Chika Ike married man of 5 years- Tony Ebireri was reported to have made grave accusations of infidelity against Chika in some examples and it examines like Tony- the Delta state born corporate guru is not taking matters thinly with the well liked beautiful player.
Chika Ike end marriage gossip was the subject of discussion in several communal mesh sites as well as gossip publications, however the player is still tell whoever cares that her marriage is still intact regardless of glaring evidences that her husband has moved on with his life and putting his political vocation in alignment.

One of the videos that characteristics Chika Ike is “Assassins” a video that is presently being shot in Sierra Leone with other well liked Nollywood actors and actresses like microphone Ezuruonye and Steph Nora.
According to Chika Ike, her dad continues her large-scale follower and she has a allotment of esteem for him.

Chika is selective about the roles she performances in videos, she said she loves reading, employed out or traveling when she is not on video set positions. Chika owns a boutique in the capital city of Abuja and she is furthermore engaged in several enterprises.
She is a well known entrepreneur (CEO of Fancy Nancy Collections [ 1 ]) and philanthropist. She is a UN Ambassador, [ 2 ]Refugee Ambassador for Displaced persons [ 3 ] [ 4 ]and founder of the Chika Ike (Help A Child) Foundation. Chika ike is the brand Ambassador of Bullet Energy Drink. [ 5 ]In regards to education, Chika is a Human Kinetics and Health Educationgraduate from the University of Lagos(UNILAG). She also said her ex husband beat her mercilessly that she lost a pregnancy.
Well, ever since then she has appeared to be living so happy and comfortable as she shares and talk about how she is living a great life with no Husband..she even mentioned in 2014 she isn’t looking for husband.She has has been accused of what Nigerians call indecent dressing as she often step out in different attractive outfits..

She won the award ‘most disciplined actress of the year 2013’ Chika Ike was Honoured for her Humanitarian Work at the 2013 HOGAwards Icon of Hope., ENDORSEMENTS- Chika ike is the brand Ambassador of Bullet Energy Drink worth millions of naira and she is also said to be an ambassador for the U.N. RUMOURS AND SCANDALS
She has been rumoured about having sexual affairs since her divorce with ex husband. Although she debunked them.

She has remained scandal free except for her unexpected divorce.


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