How to Build Your Career as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing has its benefits. From allowing writers the flexibility set their own work schedule to the benefits that come along with working at home, it is a great field to get into. You may stumble across the term when looking for jobs that you can do at home or searching for easy online jobs for college students. But, how do you become a freelance writer? This article will help you create the building blocks to your career.

  • Step 1: Build a Portfolio

Before you can convince some to hire you for a writing job, you will need to prove yourself. Assuming you are just entering the field, it is likely that you do not have relevant experience or credentials in the writing field. Instead, you will need to create a portfolio of samples of your writing, which will prove your ability to write. If you need help, consider looking at one of these sites, provided by Bowling Green State University.

Your writing samples could be anything. They could be copies of papers that you have written that rival the work done by writing help services or pieces that you have written for the school paper. If you cannot think of something that you can use, give yourself a topic that interests you, and write an article about it. Choose a few of your best pieces, proofread them for error, and include them as part of your writing resume.

  • Step 2: Make Yourself Visible

When you are trying to work online, you want to be visible in different places. LinkedIn is a great place to start for professional profiles. If you do have personal social media accounts, be sure you have not shared anything that could affect your hire-ability.

  • Step 3: Create Online Profiles

There are many websites that offer writing services to people who can convince them they will be good enough for the job. There are ones with paid and free memberships. Something to be wary of is the fee that is charged when you use the marketplace to connect with clients. Sites can charge fees of 20% or more sometimes if you choose to use their services.

  • Step 4: Apply to Jobs

Once you have solid online profiles, it is time to start reaching out to potential clients. You cannot wait for jobs to come with you, especially since the Internet is a competitive marketplace. Many sites will provide guidelines for reaching out. Always follow instructions to have a fair shot at the jobs, many of which are easy jobs students or people looking to make extra money.

  • Step 5: Maintain a Good Reputation

In the age of technology, people can quickly share information about negative experiences. This is especially true for freelance workers like writers. To rise to the top as a freelancer, it is important that you offer a competitive rate, quality work that is free of errors, and a timely turnaround. Communication is another important factor to having a great business.


Being a freelance writer can include any type of writing job, from doing student papers like the writers of to creating blog articles or electronic books for businesses. By showcasing your abilities with a writing portfolio, establishing an online presence, and providing a positive experience and quality work for clients, you can jumpstart your freelance writing career.