Tips: Five Critical Signs Your Visa Application Will Be Rejected

Today we have something for fellow Nigerians who are planning to apply for visa and get it with no much wahala. Enjoy below

The process for applying for a visa is very exhausting and rigorous. Hence, it will leave a sour taste in the mouth after serious planning, submitting and been interviewed for a visa, you end up being denied. One of the saddest things that can happen to anyone is to be swindled of hard-earned cash because of lack of information. So many people who wish to travel out usually fail to secure visas first because agents ask for too much money in excess of the visa application fees and second because they lack the relevant information to do it themselves. As such, if you are about to make your visa application, then you should look out for these signs are to further prepare you against a visa rejection.

1. You cannot clearly explain the source (s) of your funds

The majority of embassies will assume that applicants are seeking permanent entry into their country until you prove them otherwise. And one way to prove them otherwise is to present evidence that you have strong economic reasons to return to your country following your stay. What other way to do this than your bank statement? Hence, ensure that your cash inflow and outflow are credible. They do not want to give visas to criminals.

2. Your visa agent cannot answer basic visa questions

If your visa agent promises to deliver to you a visa without asking you basic questions that only you have answers to, you should feel very uncomfortable about that application. It may most likely be rejected.

3. You have a record visa denials

If you have a record of refusals from a particular embassy, they will know that you arguably are desperate to leave your country. If you have been refused once at any embassy, they have the record. Hence, do not submit any visa application without consulting reliable visa businesses for advice. The more you are rejected, the more your visa application will be denied and vice-versa.

4. You apply for the wrong visa category

There are different visa categories and, for every visa you are applying for it must correspond with your lifestyle. If it does not support the category of visa you are applying for, that is a strong signal, which you address before even submitting your application or else you will suffer the embarrassment of a rejection.

5. You have an uneasy feeling about an answer

If you have answered a question on your application but you don’t feel comfortable about the answer you have provided, then you need to take steps back and peruse your responses again. The reason is that, you will unconsciously communicate your uneasy feelings to your interviewer while answering that question; particularly if they seem interested in that particular answer.

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