Insight: Humour as a shield for nurses at tough shifts


Stress is unavoidable. It is unlikely that you meet someone who doesn’t
suffer from stress whether it is caused by internal or external factors.
External stress factors can be caused by situations at work, relationships
with the family and friends and health issues while internal factors
are basically related to how you feel about certain issues. Being a
nurse is typically one of the most rewarding jobs since you get to save
lives every day. However, a nurse has to handle a lot of stressful situations
that might ultimately affect his or her emotional and physical well-being. 

                       What is it like to be a nurse?

A nurse usually has to cope with a staff shortage, paperwork, and
patients, families even doctors breaking down under the daily pressure
among other issues. Sometimes having a smile on your face and a good
sense of humour can help you and others get through the tough times.

There are different types of nurses who work in different departments
at the hospital. They’ll probably deal with various stressful issues
at work on a daily basis. An operating room nurse will have to hold
herself together and support the surgeon during a difficult and challenging
operation. She might play the role of
a surgery technician
by providing help and making sure that all the equipment is running
smoothly. A nurse at the pediatric department will have to calm down
scared parents and tell them about the best way to handle their child’s

Surgical tech jobs can be quite stressful, and strain but a nurse
will be able to go through such pressure with the proper training. A
person who purses a nursing career should understand that they’ll
have to keep on studying. They should be able to explain the effect
of the medicine on the patient’s family and report problems to the
doctor. He or she might have to take some fast decisions without waiting
for the doctor’s arrival.

                         How can you deal with the stress?

Although you might have to spend tremendous hours working on your
studies as well as focusing on your job, there are some ways that can
help you pull it all off. If you have to submit a lot of paperwork for
your studies or a technical report, you can always hire a professional
to finish your task on time and see how essay helper online works.

Sometimes you will have to be the bearer of bad news. If you need
to tell someone that their loved one has passed away or is in a critical
condition, you need to be honest yet tolerant and understanding. Your
job is not to lie but to present facts in an easy way. Always breathe
and relax before you talk to the patients or their families. Be supportive
as this will allow you to be the kind of person people need to depend

Being the positive person in the room who cracks a few jokes when
possible can lighten up the mood. The patient will feel more relaxed
when you are around with a smile on your face and a promise that you
will do whatever it takes to make them feel better. Even the doctors
will appreciate having a positive person around whom they can depend

Taking care of yourself:

You need to be in great condition to cope up with your duties as a
nurse. A stressful work schedule can take its toll on you. This is why
you need to take care of your body and physical well-being to be able
to do your job properly. Sleep well and don’t ignore your body needs.
Stick to a solid sleep schedule and practice yoga or meditation to help
you wind up
before going to bed.

Exercise occasionally to keep your body fit and increase the level
of endorphins in your system. These hormones will help you cope with
the stressful situations at work as they make you feel more content
and positive.

Always try to maintain a healthy diet. It is very important to make
sure that you are not skipping meals and are not depriving yourself
of any necessary nutrients. Stay hydrated and don’t forget your supplements
as this will increase your efficiency at work.

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