Checkout 5 Nigerian female celebrities that can be John Boyega’s girlfriend

John Boyega was in Nigeria and didn’t t meet any lady to take home as a wife which we find unbelievable with the beauties in this country.

John Boyega apparently is looking for a Nigerian bae which off course can’t be far fetched as Nigerian ladies are known to be very beautiful and well brought up.
We have a number of female celebrities who we think can best fit as a girlfriend for the single John Boyega. Here is a list of five female celebrities who can be John’s girlfriend.

1. Bolanle Olukanni

Now we all know how classy Bolanle Olukanni is as the media personality has always been the lady with so many eyes on her. For John Boyega, Bolanle would be just a perfect match as they both can pass as the celebrity couple who aren’t just influential but really cute. If these guys date, they would be just one powerful celebrity couple.

2. Sola Dorcas Fapson

Sola can pass as the prettiest on this list and is a perfect fit for John Boyega. Lastly, imagine Sola and John on the red carpet, it would be so cute! We wish for them to hook up. Who knows…dreams do come true. Keep your fingers crossed. Sola and John might be a thing.

3. Zainab Balogun

Zainab Balogun is the cute model turned T.V. personality and now actress whose style and class speaks a lot for her. Zainab is a rising star in the movie industry and this would be a plus if they get to date as they could both star in the same movie. Let’s look at it this way, if they finally get married, they might just another lovely movie couple.

4. Linda Ejiofor

OK, Linda Ejiofor makes this list because of not just her beauty but the way she and John could possibly look really good together. Imagine a photo of Linda and John on social media looking all loved up and how viral it would go. They are both in the same line of work. Another movie couple? Who knows.

5. DJ Cuppy


DJ Cuppy is single and we all know that, so she fits very well on this list. She is widely travelled and has a lot going for herself so dating John Boyega would make them not just cute together but make them a very sociable couple. Parties and movies…not a bad combo.

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