5 Tips On How To Protect Your Natural Hair This Harmattan Season

Just like our skin needs extra moisture and
protection during the harmattan season,
natural hair also needs to be kept hydrated during the harmattan months. The goal is to make sure the hair is adequately moisturized so that breakages are avoided.

Here Are Few Tips To Guide You.
Head Wraps & Headscarves
Wearing head wraps and scarves ensure that your hair is protected from dust, and also, ensure that the moisture in your hair doesn’t dry out too quickly.

Head wraps are also a huge fashion statement, you can either use a satin or silk material or even Ankara.

Massaging Your Scalp With Oil
Massaging your hair with oil prevents it from drying out, and ensures that blood circulation increases, which in turn encourages hair growth. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil ( has similar properties to the natural oil produced by our scalp) etc

Go Extra On The Conditioner
Most naturals already use a deep conditioner or a leave-in treatment, but you may need to use both during the harmattan, especially those living up North. To avoid build-up, deep condition your hair first, then shampoo, then leave in, that way you get the benefits of a deep conditioning, your scalp is cleaned, and the leave-in can do its work on clean hair.

Protective Styles Are The Way To Go
It’s advisable to rock protective styles until warm weather comes. Braids, twists, top knots, and Bantu knots will keep your ends hidden away from cold harmattan and lessen the amount of styling you have to do on a daily basis.

What you eat
Be sure to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, as it is a sure way to keep your hair follicles happy, and hair growth consistent. Also, drink lots of water to stay

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