Nigeria Devises Finger-Printing Technique To Detect Crude Oil’s Theft

Stealing is, by all means, a crime and an impolite thing to do. It is
worse when you decide to take natural resources that ought to provide
for the whole nation. It is therefore remarkable that technology is now
at hand to get rid of all criminals suspected of syphoning the nation’s
crude oil.

The Federal Government has pledged, according to Punch newspaper,
that at the end of this year, it will conduct a deoxyribonucleic acid
fingerprinting of the country’s crude oil in order to recognize theft
and arrest criminals.

This was made known by the Minister of State and Technology, Dr.
Ogbonaya Onu at the inauguration of an ultra-modern BioResources
Laboratory and Feeding Mill Complex in Odi, Kolokuma/Opokuma Local
Government Area of Bayelsa State.  He is assured that once the
facilities are completed, crude oil theft would become a past

This emphasizes that the Federal Government is alarmed at the growing
rate of crude theft incidences and are working at a redeemable
solution.  My fear, valid and resounding in the heart of millions of
Nigerians, as where one thing stand another one stands beside it
simultaneously; it is known in Nigeria that only the petty thief is
imprisoned but the big thief becomes a ‘feudal lord’.

What do we do to those who time and time again, has proven to be
above the law? They are the ‘babaisale’ who sits at their thrones and
order their minions to do the crude oil stealing. We are glad at the
technological improvement, we are, however, aware that the time devoted
to discovering crimes can be used in developing the nation’s revenue and
economic growth.

It is more shocking that much time and details are given to the crude
oil sector, a sector in which its demand and consumption have dwindled.
Rather than focusing on diversifying the nation’s economy into more
profitable investment.

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