Nigeria at 57: Checkout Ten Great Songs About Nigeria

Nigeria’s Independence from Britain on October 1st, 1960 is a significant day in the history of the country. Nigeria is home nation to different tribes, culture, languages, ethnic groups and religion
making it a great nation with diverse strength. Popularly called the Giant of Africa, it is also, the ‘Heart of African Music.’ Nigeria is blessed with great musical talents who have taken Nigerian music across the borders of the country. These music arts have also sung about continuous unity, strength and greatness of the country.

Which Way Nigeria – Sunny Okosun

This is a love song about Nigeria our Fatherland. Sunny Okosun in this song calls for the way out of corruption, inefficiency confronting the nation deeply showing concern and calling for a way to save the country.

One Love- Onyeka Onwenu

Onyeka Onwenu is a music legend who is passionate about the unity of Nigeria. She has to her record many Nigerian themed songs including “One Love Keep Us Together,” “Peace Song, “Unity Song”, among others. These songs emphasize the theme of love and unity in a world of struggle and dreams of staying alive.

The Way Forward – Sunny Ade

In 1993, King Sunny Ade brought together many Nigerian artistes to sing The Way Forward (Part 1 and 2).  The track was sung in Yoruba, English, Igbo, Hausa, Pidgin English, among others.  The song was sung after the annulment of the June 12 elections but re-composed in 2003 as a reminder of what the country passed through as the aftermath of the annulment. The song calls for unity from all tribes, calling collaborative effort of every Nigerian to make the nation great.

Nigeria My Beloved Country – Funmi Adams

This song by Funmi Adams was a household anthem in the 80s. Adams who appeared to have disappeared from Nigerian music scene was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Her songs were aimed at teaching culture in young children. Another of her songs about Nigeria is ‘All we need is love,”

Nigeria Go Survive – Veno

This song expresses hope in the survival of Nigeria. Rendered in Pidgin English, the song boasts about the rich agriculture and oil in the country. It emphasizes the rich natural resources in the country including Cocoa, Timber, Rubber, Cotton, among others

Let’s Live Together- Kush

Kush, a Gospel and R&B music group released Let’s Live Together. The song which was a household anthem in the early 2000s song, is a heartfelt appeal to Nigerians to live together in peace and unity and a reminder that there is strength in our diversity.

Motherland – Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan popularly called “Naija Ninja” in 2006 dropped this song, appealing to Nigerians in diaspora not to forget their Motherland. Singing in Yoruba language, Sound Sultan in the song says one may travel far and wide, there is no place like home.

Green Land – Ty Bello
TY Bello in 2008 released her debut studio album ‘Greenland’. The song with the theme of love, family and nation expresses optimism in the future of Nigeria. It inspires Nigerians to liberate themselves from a place of despair to a place of hope.

Great Nation -Timi Dakolo

This soulful song by Timi Dakolo was released in November 2012 has since remained a household anthem. The song express confidence in the greatness of this nation and how we can defend the greatness through peace, unity and Justice.

Song of Unity – Nigeria Leaders

Song of unity was sung by past and current Nigerian leaders. It was led by the vice-president Yemi Osinbajo, past Heads of State Yakubu Gowon, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ernest Shonekan and former Vice-Presidents Ebitu Ukiwe, Alex Ekwueme, and Oladipo Diya.
Although many people who are not pleased about Nigerian leaders will disagree with the inclusion of this song on the list of great songs about Nigeria. But seeing Nigerian past and present leader team up to sing about our country expressing hope in God as the ultimate help of the country is worth recognising.

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