Nigeria Retains No.1 Spot As The Most Mobilized Country.

Recent reports from Twinpine Networks, a digital marketing firm, put
Nigeria at the top spot of mobile penetration and usage in the world
with mobile traffic going from last year’s 76% to 81% in 2017. India and
South Africa come just behind with 79% and 78% growth in mobile traffic
Nigeria Retains No.1 Spot As The Most Mobilized Country.

According to Worldometer, NCC, Stat Counter, Nigeria has a 74% mobile
penetration, which means that huge fractions of the country are active
mobile users, both in the rural and urban areas. This shows that people
are now more aware of mobile technology, and are adapting quickly to the
trend. Also, mobile devices are now fairly affordable even for the
below average Nigerian. It also shows the wide coverage of Mobile
networks in the country since people in rural areas can have access to
voice and internet.Nigeria Retains No.1 Spot As The Most Mobilized Country.

In considering the statistics also, it’s pertinent to note that
Nigeria has a very youthful population, and this may be seen as a major
contributor to the growth of mobile in the country. According to recent
demographics from the CIA World Factbook, 92.89% of the Nigerian
population are below the age of 55, and 62.15% of the entire population
(which is about 118 million) are between the age of 0 – 24. However,
this is not to be compared with India which has approximately 580
million people between the age 0 – 24 also. Perhaps, our success is
beyond the numbers.

The report also reveals other interesting facts.

Interestingly, the report also shows what Nigerians spend the most
time doing online, and social media has the top spot, followed by the
search engine, Email and online video streaming.Nigeria Retains No.1 Spot As The Most Mobilized Country.

Video streaming stats show that Nigerians spend more time watching
comedy and TV shows on their mobile, more than they do on a PC, and this
on a daily basis. Lots of comedians are already utilizing the different
social media and video streaming (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
platforms to publish their skits.

Nigeria Retains No.1 Spot As The Most Mobilized Country.

When it comes to E-commerce, 63% of all M-Commerce orders in Nigeria
come from Mobile, and it also shows that men tend to shop online more
than women. Top commodities purchased online include fashion items,
mobile apps, music and electronics.Nigeria Retains No.1 Spot As The Most Mobilized Country.

Mobile banking usage is also on the high. According to the report,
about 71.5 percent of Nigerians use mobile banking on their phones, and
this mainly for transferring money, airtime purchase and for checking
account balance. A smaller percentage use it to pay bills, and save

With these recent reports showing Nigeria’s deep mobile penetration,
businesses can leverage on this opportunity to grow substantially by
making their services available on mobile and utilise mobile advertising
more often.

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SOURCES: ConnectNigeria

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