2015 Review: Is Nigeria Music Industry Becoming Too Big For Nigeria? You should read this.

An article written to be featured on T.I.N Magazine.
we find this article interesting and useful so we decided to feature it so our readers would see. Article by Drock Apata
Hello fellas, if you are a music fan you would sure know the
Nigeria music industry last year/this year is kinda crazy. What do I mean by
crazy? I mean many artists are starting to turn-up, artists who are actually
good at what they do, do you read the news papers and do you check music blogs?
If you do you will understand how hard people are trying to get into the industry.
When you check sites like Notjustok,Tooxclusive you would see a lot of artists
putting their songs up on the internet in which many of them are really putting
up good songs.
Let’s take a look at what happened last year when the likes
of Mavins and YBNL signed new real talents, these two record labels can be said
to be the biggest in Nigeria right now, these record labels brought out new
artists who are really good at what they do, they’ve been consistent since they
started which is quite a good thing for the industry, the big artists are
becoming really challenged. But the problem is; there are lots of good songs that
have been released within last year and this year that should be a hit but they
weren’t, even with good promos they still weren’t hits, the music lovers were stuck to the other hit
songs and this happens a lot to the new artists coming into the industry while
the big names in the industry get the advantage, the Nigerian music ,lovers
really don’t want to look elsewhere from the big artists they already know even
when they release not really good songs. Flashback to last year when singer
SIMI released a song “Tiff” a very good song lyrically and also very good when
it comes to rhythm, this song can be concluded to be a no hit because its reach
wasn’t that much and what do you think caused this? People were busy listening
to “Shoki” “Tangerine” “Shekini” and more.. Well, we know most music lovers in
Nigeria right now always want to dance, some don’t really care about real POP,
R&B or SOUL. All they want to do is dance to the beat, even right now it
has gotten to a point where the good dance songs are not hitting anymore
because there are too many of them.. The number of artists in the music
industry right now has drastically increased even old artists are coming back
to the industry not to mention the hundreds of thousand upcoming artists.
A lot of Nigerians want to do music at the moment but is our
industry capable of containing them at the moment? Yes, I think that’s a question
that should be popping in artists mind. Well, i wouldn’t say it is a bad thing
for artists in the industry to increase because it is a good thing, but is the
Nigeria economy of the moment capable? When we talk about these things the end
point all comes down to the status of the economy. I mean Nigeria isn’t like
America where even upcoming artists make good money locally, where a lot of
music genres are being welcomed by the music lovers over there. I am sure there
is a lot of music lovers in Nigeria right now and I believe they love different
genres too. So many artists with great songs really should be selling out there
but they are not, how should they be making money? They should be seriously
earning via “Tours” Digital download sales, album sales and more.. The truth is
Nigerian artists are really not making money where they should be making it,
first of all; you rarely see Nigerian artists go on a nationwide tour why?
Maybe because they don’t believe people would turn-up, another question is why
would people not turn up? Because they don’t have the money, why don’t they
have the money? Ans: THE ECONOMY, what’s wrong with the economy? Ans:  No Job, so you wouldn’t expect a music lover
who barely makes 50k per month to go out there for one show  organized by one artist he believes is
already rich and reverse is the case.
Coming to the digital downloading aspect we have sites and
apps like: Itunes, Mtn Musicplus, Mymusic and more where Nigerians can pay to
buy artists song but only a very few Nigerians use them, most people prefer to
download on free music sites like Notjustok and others. These are aspects
Nigerian artists should earn from the most.
Taking  a look at the industry
right now, I can only mention two aspects from which artists make money,  they are; booked shows, and  endorsement deals and maybe album sales and maybe “Caller tunes”(only a few artists make from that),  so I
think in this kind of situation new and upcoming artists should know there is
no much fortune in music like they think there is, the competition is
increasing but the industry is technically not improving, we already know
the  major problem is the economy, but
there are things big names in the industry can do about it, all they need to do
is really think about it and find a solution, this can be fixed for the benefit of Nigeria music industry’s future. And to all the upcoming artists who is making good
music and really want to enter the industry I think it’s time you think outside
the box you can still earn without getting a record deal in as much you make
good music.
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