Naija Gamers: Awesome New Features And Improvements on FIFA 18

Aside from the love for football, one other thing that men love all
over the world is gaming. In Nigeria where the dominant sport is
football, everyone has got to be excited for the new FIFA 18 which drops
fully on September 29th, 2017.

It’s an exciting season in prospect and FIFA has added some features
to make sure that their game stays enjoyable while also giving us the
closest feel possible to a live game.

One of the features that have been added is “Real Player Motion”.
Real player motion is a feature that was added to most major players and
allows the players in the game to move as they do in real life. For
example, you have Cristiano Ronaldo’s moving in the game like he does in
real life.  This is an amazing feature as it allows us to experience
more realness in the game and we can tell the difference in players by
way of their movement

Another awesome new feature is “More Goal Celebrations”. Popular goal
celebrations have been added by FIFA. The likes of Paulo Dybala’s dab,
Jesse Lingard’s dance, Pogba’s dab and a whole lot of others are now
available. Some of these celebrations have been available in previous
years but FIFA has made few tweaks to them. A typical example is the
Griezman’s cellphone dance which can now be done by anyone, not just
Griezman and it also involves another teammate dancing with him rather
than all of them staring at him.

FIFA’s “The Journey” Returns.

The Journey is a story mode in FIFA which features a young star (Alex
Hunter) and his rise in the football world. The journey returns this
year with Alex Hunter on a larger world scale. Alex Hunter can now play
in countries around the world not just in the English Premier League

FIFA’s Manager Mode”.

Many tweaks have been made to the manager mode and particularly in
the area of transfers. Transferring players now feels more like real
life negotiations. With immediate responses rather than the email method
used in previous years and also more detailed contract terms including
buyback clauses and trade payment clauses.

FIFA’s Gameplay.

The gameplay in this year’s FIFA has been paid particular attention
to by EA Sports. We’ve seen a more improved and fluid gaming – passing
is now crisper allowing for midfield play, defending is more tasking
which means more ecstasy when the ball is won, dribbling is also more
fluid and goal scoring is more fun. All of the above adds to a pretty
enjoyable gaming experience.

FIFA didn’t just add new features but they maintained the level of
awesomeness that has brought them this far and made them the preferred
choice amongst gamers in Nigeria and around the world

The lighting, pitch, graphics, AI, and many other things we love have also been enhanced to better our gaming experience.

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