Health: Checkout Foods to Avoid When Having Stomach Pains

Stomach upset is one of the most distressing breakdowns that can
happen to a person. It’s caused by different factors like food
intolerance, indigestion, food allergies. Also; stress which can lead to
constipation, nausea, diarrhoea, bloating, vomiting etc.

A constant tummy ache is unhealthy and it is essential to identify
the cause. Even though there are medications and diets that give relief
to the pain, making the wrong food choice can easily aggravate stomach
trouble. So it’s better to recognize the type of food and stay away from
when in such pains.


Spicy foods are definitely a no-no if you have a stomach bug. If
consumed in excess, it can probably lead to stomach inflammation and
acidity. The presence of ulcer can also be exacerbated with high intake
of spices. If you’re used to eating spicy foods, however, your body can
tolerate it and they are all not that bad. Some spices help with
digestion like the ‘cinnamon’. Spices you should be wary of are foods
such as hot sauce which is hypersensitive to the stomach lining.

Junk food.

Processed foods or junk more often than not contains lots of
chemicals and preservatives which could catalyse stomach upset. You
might want to stay away from junk when your tummy hurts.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods digest slowly and leave you feeling bloated. They can
also cause a rise in blood sugar level which leads to sugar cravings and
has a negative impact on energy level.


While not everyone is lactose intolerant, it is still one of the
common food that’s sensitive to the stomach. Dairy products should be
eliminated during stomach upset, it causes gas, cramps, diarrhoea and


Coffee taken moderately can keep you alert and focused. But the
caffeine in coffee is highly acidic and when taken in excess can cause
cramping of the abdominal muscles. In addition to keeping sleep at bay,
it can also cause anxiety which is unhealthy.


Refined sugar can cause weight gain.  Sweet foods containing
processed sugar spikes insulin levels which leave you feeling shaky or
sweaty which won’t be good for the situation.


Most beans contain complex sugars that can only be broken down by
bacteria in the colon, and for people with sensitive, easily irritated
bowel, lots of gas will be produced during the fermentation process. It
could lead to diarrhoea, cramping and bloating.

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