Top Sports & Leisure Activities in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country full of things to do. There are plenty
of sports and leisure activities to get involved in. Let’s check some
of them out:

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Water Sports
are a great way for the more adventurous to get an adrenaline rush or
relax lakeside, whatever the mood may be. Get on the water and choose
from kayaks, jet skis, boats, and much more.
Lekki Leisure Lake is the best destination for outdoor activities in Lagos.
It’s hidden away along the Lekki peninsula shoreline, which gives visitors both a fun and exclusive experience.
Looking for a fun-filled night?
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Be sure to check out the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino.
This casino displays an extraordinary amount of excellence and
sophistication as soon as you walk through the main doors. It boasts 141
gaming machines and 8 table games. Maybe your spouse or partner isn’t
as into the gaming aspect? No worries, because they can take a dip in
the swimming pool or play a game of tennis on their courts. Also, you
can enjoy the bar and lounge area in between hands or while waiting.
are among the few things on earth that bring people together of
different communities, nationalities and other walks of life. In
Nigeria, football is the national sport. In fact, Nigeria has produced
some of the best players. If you aren’t able to take in a larger game,
check-out the local club football matches.
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Football isn’t your thing? Don’t worry — there are many more sporting events to take in; you can golf at Golfteq, learn to dance at Your Spa and Fitness Dance Club, or get in a game of paintball at Rapid Paintball Arena or Empire Sport Paintball.
that you have learned some sporting options, now it’s time for some
leisure activities. Maybe you are looking for a relaxing night in, or
the weather turns out to be not so favorable. Don’t worry, there are
options for that, too. Consider ordering room service, lounging by the
pool or watching some entertaining moments online. Let’s face it — most
people don’t go on vacation only to play sports or constantly be on the
go. They are also looking for relaxation and leisurely activities.
are also many amazing restaurants, which can be a great way to relax
and enjoy the company you are with. Lagos offers a range of options for
eating out: BBQ, burger and grill, coffee shops, pizza, seafood,
Japanese, Italian, fast food, bakeries and so much more! A few
recommendations are: Bungalow Restaurant, which offers cuisine from around the world that will satisfy many different taste buds. Bistro 7 is located in Lagos Victoria Island.
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is a great place to get breakfast or brunch; it has very fresh and
local food. Of course, you’ll need some dessert, so look to visiting Yogurt Frenzy, which has the best frozen yogurt in Lagos.
As you can see, there is more than enough to do when visiting Nigeria.
matter your interests or your taste in food, there is bound to be
something to satisfy your wants and needs. Enjoy your trip planning and,
of course, your visit to Nigeria.

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