Tip Of The Week: How To Select Fresh Fruits

With waxed fruits and pesticide filled fruits in the market, knowing
how to pick the right produce is quite necessary and useful.
Here’s a handy guide to use when picking some common fruits.

The best bananas have a sharp yellow colour speckled with
brown. Select bananas that do not have bruises or soft spots, especially
along the undersides of the bottom-most row. If kept at room
temperature, bananas that are greenish will ripen. Bananas should not be
kept in the refrigerator, as it makes it spoil quickly. Extra-ripe
bananas can be peeled and stored in a container in the freezer for
smoothies or other banana recipes
The heavier the fruit for its size, the juicier it’s likely to be. Don’t select oranges with thick, coarse or spongy skin.
Heavy, firm grapefruit are the super juicy ones. Grapefruit can keep in the fridge for two weeks.
Good pineapples have a fragrant aroma and the leaves should be green
and crisp. Store under ripe pineapples at room temperature, but away
from sunlight. Keep whole ripe ones in the fridge in a perforated
plastic bag for a few days.
Pick a watermelon that has a solid, dark green rind. A slight hollow
sound, upon tapping with your knuckles is often a confirmation of a full
and juicy melon.
Select carrots that are firm with a rich orange colour and relatively
smooth skin, avoid those with soft or flabby roots. Avoid thick
carrots, as they often have tough centres.
Select hard, dark green cucumbers; avoid those that appear yellowish. Cucumber skin has a natural sheen to it.

Look for solid apples that are free of bruises. For red-coloured
varieties, look for apples that are mostly red. For green-coloured
apples, look for apples that are mostly bright green.


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