Tips Of The Week: 10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Gone are the days when one had to first graduate to be able to generate income or venture into a business. The world right now has revolutionized so much that anyone with a business idea, and has the capability to realize it can actually do so. By anyone, we are referring to any individual regardless of their age, educational background, religion, race, or gender. The number of young individuals, especially students, venturing into business has grown tremendously. This number is on the rise for a variety of reasons, partly because they need to raise funds to cater for tuition fees and other expenses, and the lack of jobs for graduates.

Nigeria, just like the rest of the world, has not been left behind. Young entrepreneurs are on the rise some of whom are students. As an entrepreneur in the making, and a student lacking the business experience, you may be wondering what businesses you can venture into. We have compiled a list of 10 such business ideas that students in Nigeria can engage in, check them out below:
1. Blogging
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Blogging starts out as a passion for most people but ends up being a good source of supplement income. Becoming a blogger generating income is not restricting. Quite frankly, anyone with the skills and passion can start their blog. However, if starting a blog isn’t for you, you can as well make money blogging for other sites. When your articles are posted on certain sites, you can make a good amount of money, but only if you follow their requirements to the latter. Why opt for blogging? Majority of students don’t have much capital, and with blogging, they don’t need a dime to start with. Well, except for getting a laptop if they don’t have one and access to the internet.

2. Tutoring

If you have a subject or subjects that you are good at, you probably have been helping your classmates grasp some of the topics for free. Well, it’s time you considered turning this into a business. You can opt to give lessons on subjects that you’re good at to other students for a fee. There are certain subjects that one must pass in order to graduate, and you can make more as a tutor if you are especially good at such subjects. Online tutoring is also an option, as long as you find the most suitable platform to offer your services on.

3. Graphic and Web Design
Graphic and web design is being taken up by lots of people, probably because of the number of online platforms on which they can offer their services has been on the increase. If you have a knack for creative design, then this might just be the thing for you. On platforms like Fiverr, and Upwork, among others, there are people looking for these services which range from designing Power Points and infographics to business cards, websites, and so much more.

4. Offering Cleaning Services
Students tend to have a lot of free time on their hands. One way to spend this time could be by offering cleaning services. You can offer to clean offices and homes. A lot of people have become overwhelmed with work and other activities, rarely having the time to clean their clothes, so go ahead and offer a laundry service. Other cleaning services that you can offer include mobile car wash services.

5. Become a Social Media Manager
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A majority of business have turned to social media as a platform for marketing, gaining popularity, and communicating with current and potential clients. However, because of their already busy schedule, they may not have the time to do social media. They often hire people to cater for this, and you can capitalize on it. Put your social media skills to use by offering your services to such businesses.

6. Hairdressing and Barbering
Hairdressing and barbering are some of those businesses that you can be guaranteed of clients if you offer good services and at affordable prices, now that probably most of your clientele will comprise of students. If you have hairdressing skills or can make a good barber, you can try this out. Just be sure to offer the best services.
7. Pet Business

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The pet breeding business is picking up quite well in Nigeria. If you have a love for animals and have the ability to take care of them before they can get an owner, this may just be the path for you. It’s a rather well-paying business. You can include pet walking services as part of the services offered, but be sure to consult a professional vet in the process.

8. Event Planning and Organizing
Not every person has organizing skills. Events such as birthdays, graduation parties, weddings are among a long list of events that drive people insane when it comes to organizing them. Therefore, people are looking to hire out such services. If you are good at organizing and planning then you can give this a try.

9. Sports/Gym Fitness Trainer
Exercise and sports, in general, are currently trending. A lot of people are out to keep fit and may not have the right techniques and will be on the lookout for trainers. If sports or gym fitness is your thing, you may decide to make some cash out of it by offering these services to those in need.
10. Freelance Writing
Freelance writing is a good opportunity for students especially with the fact that it also helps them perfect their writing skills for their academic work. You can venture into any kind of writing that you are good at. Options include a resume, academic, and definition essay examples such as creative writing.

Traditionally, the order of life was that one had to go through school, complete it before they can even consider making any money. Now, the world has changed and quite frankly anyone with a good business idea can venture into it if they have the necessary tools and resources to do so. Students have not been left behind either. For students in Nigeria, as long they know what they want to do, and know how to go about it, they can end up being successful entrepreneurs.

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