Packing Tips for Your Trip to Northern Nigeria

The northern part of Nigeria is one of the biggest regions in Nigeria. Inhabited mostly by the Hausas, this region of Nigeria is certainly different from other regions.
One of the differences lies in the way and manner the inhabitants of this region dress. You will hardly find people that are scantily dressed. Also, there are certain rules as to how to comport and present yourself while in this region. For a first time traveler to northern Nigeria, you might not be aware of necessary items to take along with you. Below are some packing tips for your trip to northern Nigeria.


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Nigeria for the most part is a cash based economy, so also is northern Nigeria. Cash is the most common transaction medium in the northern part of Nigeria. Even if you are visiting a highly commercial area, and might likely lodge in a 3 star hotel in Zaria for instance, it is advisable you still take some cash along with you. Also, there are a number of money transfer outlets (Western Union and Money Gram) in northern Nigeria you can use. Hence, if you are visiting the region from outside the county, you might find it useful to transfer money before you travel and take delivery of it upon arrival. That way you can convert it and even open a Nigerian account if you please. For those traveling within Nigeria, be sure you withdraw enough cash before you proceed on your trip to northern Nigeria.

2. Decent Clothes

When it comes to packing to go anywhere, the struggle is real. Deciding the type of clothing to pack for a trip to northern Nigeria is no easy task. Most times it is advisable that you dress like the northerners so that you can blend in effortlessly. Since the northerners are known for wearing conservative clothes, then you will do yourself a lot of good if you pack decent clothes for your trip to northern Nigeria. Although this applies majorly to females, the men are not left out either. Also, in some public areas in some of the northern states in Nigeria, the women are required to cover their heads with a headscarf in accordance to their religious rules.

3. Anti-malaria and other special medication

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It is advised that you take anti-malaria tablets if you are easily prone to malaria. Also, bring along any special brand of medications, medical prescriptions, or dietary supplements that may be difficult to find outside your country. If you have any specific brand of personal effects you particularly cannot live without, then you should bring it as well.

4. Strong bags/suitcases with locks and tags

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It is safer to be security-conscious in northern Nigeria and mind your luggage properly. It would help to bring hard bags and suitcases with locks and tag them properly. However, you may need to leave your luggage open for airport security to avoid risking their locks being damaged. Do not make the mistake of not taking out time to explore the beautiful cities in northern Nigeria. Do not forget to bring along your adventurous self as well.

5. Light/cotton clothes

For most part of the year, the northern states in Nigeria enjoys a daytime temperature of about 30 degrees centigrade on the average. As such, you would want to feel comfortable as the sun smiles lavishly on you. Light cotton clothes will be your savior when the weather hits hard.

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