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FULL NAME: Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe

DATE OF BIRTH: June 27, 1992










Daniel grew up pretty much in Ogun State but travel around nigeria and Diaspora during school breaks . His parents are from Ogun states. He attended Ogun international montessori nursery and primary school, Abeokuta grammar school and the Federal university of agriculture, Abeokuta, where he graduated in 2013, as a water engineer. Says his growing up was fun but the same time his parents paid huge attentions to education so he grew up reading a lot and accomplishing Task in the house everyday. He really appreciate his parents for opening his eyes to educational value and accommodate several personalities.

He has been doing music and writing songs since he was 11years old. Though He started writing songs about food, and it is not that he really do like food but he love junk foods, He does not eat that much, but ice cream is his thing. It started with food at first, and gradually developing his skills, and all thanks goes to his dad because he has helped him a lot, he met singer JABLESS in 2009, and he actually helped him manage his talent, so he started writing commercial songs.

According to him everybody in his family appreciate his music career, they wanted him to do something that he likes, and that is really being supportive and encouraging; when he was in school he stayed focus, and they were well relaxed like they trust him that you can’t disappoint. His parent believe “Even if he’s doing any other thing, that school oh! e no dey mess with am” when he was in school he had a very good result, which he finished with 2.1, not just that but a strong one rumors has it he had 4.2.

He got the name when he was in school. He has a dimple in his cheek and in school, when you had dimples in both cheeks, you were called ‘Kisses’. Since he only have just one, He was called ‘Kiss.’ Because there were other Daniels in school, the ladies added Kiss to his first name to tell him apart from the others. So, when he started music he decided to stick with the name.

When asked in an interview: What are the challenges he has encountered in his musical career so far? he replied:
“I have only one challenge encountered, which is patience. While coming-up I had no financial assistance somewhere, but it came one day due to my hard work, things I have done in the past. For me as an artiste, it is just patience for my time to come, like you know as well, a lot of top artistes we have today in Nigeria like Olamide started from nowhere, but you can see what he is today. Sometimes it is not even about money or connection, when your time come you go definitely blow; so the only challenge is just patience, for every man will definitely succeed just like our Father in Heaven, so that one is sure.”


His career started professionally last year, when he got signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment.
‘SHOYE’ was actually his first song which he dropped on 1st of May 2014, and then he dropped WOJU 1st of September 2014.

As of 2015 he thinks he is the baby of the industry. Believes everybody is pampering him for now, he is getting so much love from everybody; pays he respects to Olamide Badoo,2Face Idibia,Sean Tizzle,Cynthia Morgan,Runtown,Davido, Tiwa Savage as they’ve showed him so much love and assistance. Believes everyone is just showing him love, and it is really weird though because he actually came-out from nowhere, but in short he love everybody and he really do hope to work with everyone.
Basically, he wants to be known for Afro-centric music, anything Africa, Afrohip-hop, Afro R&B, he just wants to put a little bit of Afro in his music.

After dropping his blast single “WOJU” late 2014, the singer had the publicity of his life as the song topped many Nigerian charts for months even on Itunes. The song is arguably said to be the Anthem of the Year.
After remixing the song Woju featuring stars in the industry Davido and Tiwa savage, the song became a huger blast in the industry.

SEE WHAT HE REPLIED WHEN ASKED “Should we be expecting any album from him soon?”

Yeah when the demand is high, when you guys want me to drop my album I will definitely drop it. I have my songs already, my people out there when they are ready for me I will definitely do. You know as an artiste when the pressure is on you like we need you to drop an album, when you see it on your social media platform like your Instagram, Facebook, people keep being on that same thing including the media; that is when you think is the right time for you to drop the album, I can’t just drop an album when I’m not that deep in the industry, people will just be like ‘what is he doing? Because you blow with one song you want to start making noise’. So I’m trying to do more impressive work for my people not to regret buying my album.
He’s planned to go on many international tours in 2015 starting from U.K.

The singer claims a large level of investment has driven into the brand kiss daniel , in terms of content making and development. off course looking good is good business.
Logistics and plugins plus several others so return on investment is their primary objective at G worldwide entertainment. The accounts department can declare the state of Kiss daniels making money or not . but they are getting bookings from Africa and the Diaspora. But we will never Fake it , We are Real people He says.


Well, the singer currently has numerous nominations has of the moment but no popular award won yet.



Kiss Daniel Real Age, Family, And more

Kiss Daniel was born in June 27, 1992 not 1994 by what most people believe so calculate and see his current age.


Kiss Daniel and chidinma

Childinma with Kiss Daniel

Kiss Daniel took to his Instagram stories on Monday, March 26, 2018, where he posted photos of himself and singer, Chidinma with matching tattoos.

In one of the videos, Chidinma is watching a clip on her laptop with Kiss Daniel in the background saying ”She’s rehearsing” while she smiled back at him.


Kiss and Davido