Ten Interesting Places You Should visit in Abuja

Abuja is the capital and center point of Nigeria. The city houses
millions of people either residing there or are on business trips.
However, whether you are residing in or you are visiting this beautiful
city, there are interesting places you can visit to have fun with your
friends and family.
Here are 10 interesting places to visit in Abuja:

    1. Millennium Park

Photo Caption: The Whistler

you want to explore picnic grounds with your friends while in Abuja,
then you need to visit the Millennium Park. This is a great fun place
where you can enjoy different recreational activities. The interesting
thing about this place is that you don’t have to pay an entrance fee to
enjoy its facility.

    2. Gurara Falls

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is a fascinating and amazing waterfall in Abuja. This place houses
different rock formations, amazing scenes, beautiful floral full of
trees and others. It’s an attractive tourist center to visit when you
are in Abuja.

    3. Abuja Arts & Craft Village

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Abuja Arts and Crafts Village is a place to visit in Abuja if you are a
lover of Arts and Craft. There are a variety of handicraft works of
arts in the Thatched-roof huts in this craft village. You can get gifts
such as beaded necklaces, leather bags, ‘adire’ fabrics and clothes in
the Arts & Crafts village.

    4. Usman Dam

Photo Caption: TripAdvisor

you are in Abuja for a vacation and you are thinking of a place where
you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Then, you need to visit the Usman
Dam. The Dam boasts of the largest hydro power plant in West Africa. It
is surrounded by rolling hills which makes it a perfect location for
those who love hiking.

    5. The Secret Garden

Photo Caption: TripAdvisor

is a fascinating outdoor spot located in Riverplate Park. You can visit
for a moment of relaxation with friends and family. The garden is an
interesting place to enjoy Nigeria’s live bands in a serene environment.
There’s also a kid section in case you have your child(ren) with you.

    6. Traffic

Photo Caption: hotel.ng

is a fun-house is situated in Maitama. Traffic is a popular place among
youths who love fun places in Abuja because of its relaxing and
exciting aura. It imprints on the memory after a visit.

    7. Aso Rock

Photo Caption: Nigerian Finder

only Aso Rock is the tallest rock in Abuja, it’s also the largest. The
Aso Rock which is about 936 meter is the perfect location to get a
bird’s eye view of the city. Perhaps, the height of the city makes it
the right spot for the erection of the presidential villa.

    8. The Dome

Photo Caption: Logbaby

Dome is an interesting recreational center in Abuja. It has different
facilities such as bowling alley, serene garden, restaurant, banquet
hall, and others. It is an amazing place to visit in Abuja.

  9. IBB Golf Course

Photo Caption: PGA Nigeria

is a perfect place to visit for golf lovers. The IBB Golf Course has
about 18 holes for maximum golf experience. Though it is a golf course,
you can also enjoy other activities including tennis and driving range.

   10) Durban Street Neighborhood Park.

is located in Abuja. A place to relieve yourself of stress while having
fun with your family. It is an Abuja based resort center. You
experience nature first hand as it is filled with modern facilities for
all members of your family.

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