Recipe: How to Prepare Suya Meat and Suya Crepes

popular Hausa food we all love is Suya. This is a common food sold by
food vendors in Nigeria, mostly by the northerners. Many of us are not
aware of its preparation, and a host of others does not experiment with
their cooking.

I, however, play around with foods because there is
no strict standard or procedure to follow while cooking. As long as it
is good for consumption and causes fireworks with your taste buds, then
you are on the right track.  Here is the recipe for making  Suya and
Suya crepes.
For many who are not aware, Suya is grilled meat,
garnished with spices, onions and pepper. Here is your homemade Suya
recipe and Suya crepes.



Suya spice
Groundnut oil
Suya sticks (optional)
Salt to taste
Grounded pepper
Wash and cut your pieces of meat into fillet(fleshy boneless tiny pieces of meat)
Thread the pieces of your fillet meat into the suya sticks(you can soak the sticks in water to avoid burning).
your groundnut oil into a bowl and a little salt to taste, using a
brush, rub the oil on the meat to allow the spice stick to the meat
your spice, pepper, salts and Maggi preferably together in a bowl (make
sure it tastes like the Aboki’s). Sprinkle evenly on the meat.
Marinate the meat by leaving it for about an hour to get the spice in.
the meat over your griller, and grill. You can use the local firewood
method or your kitchen oven if it has a grilling compartment.
over every 15-20 minutes, to roast each side. So in total, you have
spent 30-40 minutes roasting both sides. Add a little oil and roast
again for 5 minutes.
Voila, your suya is ready. You can present it with onions, pepper and anything else you want.
Now that we have learnt how to make suya, here is a tip on how to make Suya Crepes.

Suya Crepes

How to Make Suya Meat and Suya Crepes -
I start I know a lot of people are wondering why crepes and not
pancakes, well, we are probably familiar with pancakes around us. But
the difference is this, while pancakes make use of raising agent like
baking powder to make it look fluffier and heavy, crepes do not, hence
it’s thin and flat.


4 tablespoon of melted Butter
5 Eggs
A table spoon of Mayonnaise
½ cup of Milk
½ cup of Water
1 cup of Flour
A pinch of salt


In a large bowl, whisk the flour and eggs together. Slowly, add in your milk and sugar, while stiring to combine.
Melt your butter in a frypan before adding to batter. Mix until the batter is smooth. Add salt to taste.
a non-stick pan or if you don’t have one, use your frying pan. Add your
butter to melt or if you have already done that, move the pan around to
evenly distribute the butter, you can add a drop of oil.
When the
pan is hot, pour the desired crepe batter you want, slowly move your
pan to evenly distribute the batter. Cook until the bottom side is
cooked and has brown stains. Flip your batter and allow to cook. Take
out of the pan when it looks like the other side. Repeat as many times
as your batter is available.
When out, place on a round plate.

Step 2

Boil your eggs in a small pot till it’s thoroughly cooked, place in cold water cool down, remove the shells.
Get your suya out and remove the sticks. Add to a mixing bowl.
Stir and coat your onions through frying in a pan. Also, add into the bowl.
Cut your hard boiled eggs into slices and add to the mixing bowl.
Push all your ingredient through a meat grinder or food processor or just chop with your knives.
Mix with mayonnaise or water to make it stick and more spreadable.
Add enough suya meat mix to spread on your crepes. Roll your crepes and cut into desired shapes.
a table spoon of butter in your fry pan and saute your filled suya
crepes till it is golden brown. Be careful not to burn it.
Yes, Yummy, your food is ready for eating.
You can decorate with Nutella.


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