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BIRTH NAME:          Ayoola Oladapo AgboolaDATE OF BIRTH:      July 13, 1992

OCCUPATION:         Music Producer,DJ


Kiddominant, is a Nigerian record producer and DJ. He has produced for artists such as Davido, Olamide, Orezi and Cynthia Morgan, among others. He is credited to have produced Orezi’s award-winning single titled “Rihanna”, a song that shot Orezi to limelight

Kiddominant was born and bred in Lagos State, Nigeria to a multi-instrumentalist father[citation needed]. During his childhood, he had love for drawing, painting, and playing musical instruments. He is an alumnus of Redeemer’s University where he majored in Actuarial Science.

At age 14, Kiddominant developed a love for DJing. He would DJ at family parties during holidays and at gatherings when in school. He formed a group called “3ple3” with two of his classmates during his second year in high school. When he was 16, his friend Olumide introduced him to beat making software Paradox Fruity loops, which he started making beats with.

Did your parents want you to finish school?
I finished school last year. It was quite hard mixing school and music. But I had switch two schools to just make it easier. My parents wanted it. Myself, I wanted it because you know at the same time music, it can be switched up, things change. And in the future, I might just want to do something that is not music [and] do something new. Or go to into politics, because there’s money [in politics] [laughs].
When did you start producing music?
I started off as a DJ. I used to DJ when I was 14 for my family parties and I was in a boarding school. In my school, you had posts for people who do the music and entertainment part of the school. They call it the “social group” of the school. I was always in the social group. When I [went] to my final year in high school, I was the head of the social group, I was the social prefect. So to be the social prefect, you have to be a good dancer, you have to be able to sing, you have to be a DJ, you have to just be able to make the school entertained—you understand. I was the choreographer of the school. Dance competitions were part of school, so I used to teach everybody the moves [laughs].
I had a group of three boys, me and two of my friends. One was from the UK, we were called “Triple 3.” We used to create music. We would have a boom box with instrumentals and all of that knowledge just mixed. One of my friends, Olumide, he told me about this application called Fruity Loops, like, “Yo, you need to check this application out and make music and beats out of it.” I was like, “Okay cool, cool,” and went on vacation and tried it out. And when I came back, I was addicted to it. I had sleepless nights trying to make music and make beats. I had a passion for making music when I was about 16, 17. When I was about 19, I hooked up with this guy called Orezi, [a] popular afrobeats musician in Nigeria. At that point he was coming up, he was known by the youth. So we hooked up and made that song “Rihanna.” That was like my first major song. It was big in all of Africa.


Kiddominant’s career kicked hit a new height in 2013 when he produced Orezi’s single titled “Rihanna”, a song that topped several charts in Nigeria and beyond and was also nominated in the “Best Reggae/Dancehall Song” category at the 2014 edition of Channel O Music Video Awards. He went on to produce Cynthia Morgan’s breakthrough song “Don’t Break My Heart” in 2014.

In 2015, Kiddominant produced 10 songs off Orezi’s debut studio album titled The Ghen Ghen Album which contained songs like “Ogede” and “Double Your Hustle”. He produced back-to-back hit singles for Davido titled “Dodo” and “The Money” with both songs rising to critical acclaim.HE TALKS WORK AND WORKING WITH DAVIDO
So then how did you link with Davido?
After I produced “Rihanna,” it was so big. I had a friend called Danogog, he’s signed to Davido’s label [HKN Music]. Danogog and I were supposed to work on this song and we met and Davido was there when we met. This is about 3 years ago. [Danogog said] “This is KIDDOMINANT, the kid who produced Rihanna,” and [Davido] said, “Wow that song is mad.” At that point, Davido was trying to sign Orezi. Everything was just moving together. We couldn’t work at that time, so after 2 years, which is like last year, we met [in] February last year. He’s like, “What’s up, I need new sounds if you have stuff we can work on let’s work.” So it just happened. We did “Dodo.” So after “Dodo,” we dropped it in September, we did “The Money.” I made the beat for “The Money” when I was in South Africa. I was inspired by the atmosphere: you know everything was so smooth and calm and we linked up and thought, “This would be good for Davido,” [and] he made the song. So Davido and I have been working since then on the album that is coming out at the end of the year. It’s definitely going to be bigger than “The Money.”

Do you want to expand the type of music you make?
I’ve tried making different sounds in music. I’ve made grime, hip-hop beats. Actually I started off making hip-hop beats before I moved into afrobeats proper. So the thing is, for me, I can make any kind of music, I [would] love for the world to listen to afrobeats. I focus more on afrobeats and pushing more of afrobeats.
At some point in my career when I was a DJ/producer, I saw how people reacted when I dropped the afrobeats songs. I wanted people to react to my songs like that [laughs]. So I felt I had to start focusing on producing what the local audience really [wanted]. People love hip-hop here, but not as much as they love afrobeats. If I’m making grime beats, I’m trying to promote beats from London. I have to make afrobeats as famous as I can to promote my country.


Award ceremony Prize Result
2014 2014 YEM Awards Producer of The Year Nominated
2015 Extreme Awards 2015 Won
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