How to Expel Cockroaches From Your Home

Now that the rains are here, what can be more nauseating as the sight
of a roach or cockroach. Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting
visitors, or should I say part home owners. I am indeed yet to find
anyone who likes them. Can you imagine sleeping with your mouth open and
one of these crawl past your… ew! These hideous critters carry germs
and diseases. Some buzz, some even fly. They multiply eggs by the
thousands and infect homes all over the country. Think of it, if
cockroaches have a Facebook page, who would like their page?

their nature, cockroaches can stay in an environment for up to one month
without food, 2 weeks without water, one week without its head and can
even hold its breath for up to 40 minutes! Strong!! Aren’t they?
Cockroaches are better at hiding than we are in finding them. Because
they are nocturnal by nature, the fact that you see one is indicative
that they are much more lurking somewhere. The few that we see during
the day could simply mean that they were forced out by overcrowding!
Their debris and skin, dead bodies and droppings can aggregate allergies
in children and highly sensitive individuals. Therefore we must not
allow them to enjoy the luxury of our apartments hence as they invade,
they can eat or feed on anything, vomit and continually defecate while
eating. These indeed pose significant health hazards.

  1. Different
    species of cockroaches respond to different extermination tactics.
    However no matter the species, prevention and sanitation are always the
    best keys  to successfully exterminating them or better still contact an
  2. It should be noted that the smell of their feces
    attract other family members of theirs. Therefore you will do well to
    scrub identifiable surfaces with hot soapy water. This will obviously
    decrease their attraction.
  3. Eliminate water. Keep your
    environment as dry as possible. Water or a humid environment is one of
    the most important factors in cockroach’s’ survival. They often come
    indoors during periods of drought in search of moisture. Therefore be
    certain that plumbing leaks around your kitchen, bathrooms, soakaways
    are fixed and properly sealed.
  4. Food and leftovers are other
    major attractants. They do not need much food to survive though. However
    that little must be denied them. Therefore dispose your garbage daily
    and seal bin lids while area is kept clean. Dishes must not be left
    undone overnight. Crumbs or food debris must also not be left on
    toasters, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators etc.
  5. Discard all
    harborages as quickly as possible. Cockroaches love dark places that are
    warm and moist. Common places that can provide such heaven for them are
    tight spaces like stacks of newspapers/magazines, card boards, piles of
    clothing, cracks on the wall or even unused pile of blocks.
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