Upcoming Artists And Entertainers Get Your Profile And Content Featured On T.I.N Magazine At A Very Cheap Price

Hello dear upcoming artiste,model,entertainer; Are you musician,actor,comedian,model etc..? T.I.N Magazine brings to you a chance to look more professional by featuring your artist profile and content(music,pics,videos etc..) on this platform at a very cheap price because we are currently doing a promo.

What We Are Offering You:
We are sure you’ve seen several celebrities profile on this platform and you also know this site is very popular on google for celebrities bio/profiles, well we are giving you a chance to be featured alongside established entertainers on our platform, you get to show the entertainment and fashion industry your contents and who you are.

The Benefits:
=There are several benefits attached to being featured on T.I.N Magazine the first is you stand a high chance of getting the attention of industry veterans and professionals who may be interested in your career and want to support, e.g; Record Labels,Modelling Agencies, Managers who can help take your career to the next level.

=You get more people to know more about you and your content. You also get a top position on Google searches and etc..

And How Much Are We Charging For This?
Its just 5,000 naira only. Usually we charge at least 10,000 naira for profile features. this is the lowest price you’ll get from any standard and popular platform like T.I.N Magazine.

First prepare your profile yourself; which will include your full name,background,works you’ve done, links to your contents and whatever else you wish to add.

Contact us via email: tmtnonline@gmail.com
SMS or Whatsapp: 07058584132 (sms or whatsapp only)

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