Rev. Father Mbaka Full Biography

BIRTH NAME:             Camillus Ejike MbakaDATE OF BIRTH:         (unknown)

OCCUPATION:           Spiritual Leader; Reverend

MARITAL STATUS:    Not Married





Rev. Fr. Ejike Camillus Anthony, Ebenezer Mbaka is a Catholic Priest of Enugu Dioceses. He is the Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish GRA Enugu and the founder and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (Amen).


Father Mbaka is by birth from the noble family of late Chief Humphrey Ogbuefi and Felicia Mbaka in Amata Ituku in Awgu L.G.A of Enugu State. Ogbuefi Mbaka’s family is renowned for their special talent in palm wine tapping in the community (Ituku)..
His father late Pa Ogbuefi heaved a sigh of relief that at last his successor has arrived, being the only son of the parents his birth was greeted with full encomium and thanksgiving to God. This Special gift to Mbaka Family was named Ejike perhaps in realization of the fact all powers belong to God including that of sex determination
From childhood, Mbaka, though fully consumed by his domestic chores, still spared enough time to commune with God. He assisted the mother in the kitchen and other domestic duties, accompanied his father to their famous business of palm wine tapping and ensuring that all that was tapped was sold except the one reserved to entertain their daily visitors.


On July 29th 1995, Rev. Ejike Mbaka was ordained a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. This historic event marked the triumph of light over darkness to the glory of God. Instantly, the Catholic Church in Nigeria knew that the eagle has landed.

So many things happened to the church while it was at G.T.C in Enugu and due to such events it lead to the movement of the church, Christ the King Parish (CKP) to GRA Enugu.
Rev. Fr. Mbaka started and completed both the big church and the parish house at CKP GRA Enugu within a record time of six months. To the glory of God, the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) is happily and permanently situated at Umuchigbo Ije-Nike near Enugu Nigeria through the instrumentality, foresight, doggedness, zeal and commitment of Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka is a strong believer in the power of the Eucharist. For him the Eucharist is the essence, soul and life of the church. He is also of the strong view that prayer is the key to the door of all human requests to heaven. He insists that the people must Pray their way out; with his popular injunction to pray until Something Happens (PUSH).

Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka is social crusader that believes in the equality of all before God –poor or rich, etc.
Likes encouraging and giving people opportunity to excel. He is always of the view that the best way to identify the talent in any person is by giving him/her opportunity to perform.
He is philanthropist and employer of labor. Today it is pretty difficult to successfully count the number of people under his charity. He extends his kindness and generosity to his fellow priests.
A great achiever who believes that nothing is impossible with God. Attains unimaginable heights once his mind is made up, he is much focused and always destination driven, a celebrated musician and lover of music. At his leisure you find him chumming out new songs. Most of his songs usually originated while he is sleeping. Has so many albums to his credit and variously honored by Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN).

Rev. Fr. Mbaka is hugely blessed with power and energy such that he can talk and work for hours without getting tired, he is a lover of the word of God. He will readily tell you that his secret lies in the Eucharist and the ever abiding word of God. Hence, he is so familiar with most chapters and verses in the bible such that he can reel them out at will.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka is a person that doesn’t withhold anything from you and he is truthful. Serious and humorous, can crack jokes and bring himself to the level of all.
He hates injustice and fights for the poor and oppressed in the society. Wicked and corrupt leadership disgusts him so much that he wastes no time in fighting and correcting such maladministration. This perhaps informs the ill-informed opinion of those who accuse him of fighting the government.

Fr. Mbaka only fights bad and vicious administrations because the problems created by such misrule normally fall back on him. The poor, the unemployed, the oppressed etc will still run to him for assistance.
He preaches against equating him with God / giving him the glory that belongs to God (Hyperdulia). That is why he always directs people to the Eucharist once they start pestering him. He makes it clear that he has no power of his own other than that from God. It is thus not out of place to describe this man as a genius and an enigma. Humble and meek as a dove but hold and vibrant like a lion. He is simply a special gift from God to Catholic Church world over.

Little wonder also why Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) has blossomed and flourished by leaps and bounds under his leaderships, direction, and guidance and mentoring.