Six Very Important Beauty Tips For The Health Of Your Face

Most of the ‘lucky’ people that seem to have clear clean faces all
the time actually are not born with it. They had to put in some work to
ensure that their faces keep glowing. And it is not as hard as you might
think, it will just require giving your face a little extra attention
and care. The best part that is that it also does not have to be
expensive, there is no extra spending involved to get a clear face. When
it comes to keeping your face clean and healthy, natural products are
your best bet because they will not irritate the skin like the stronger
chemical products. The following are useful tips that can help you:

1. Wear less makeup.

The skin needs to breathe and when the pores are clogged with layers
and layers of makeup daily, it may begin to react and become susceptible
to acne or infections. Even if you have to wear makeup every day,
endeavor to wash everything off at night before sleeping.

2. Use natural products. 

Instead of the chemical laden products which are usually harsh on the
sensitive skin of the face, try using home-made remedies. Simple stuff
you can find in your fridge such as eggs, cucumber, honey, lemon and
others can do wonders to your face.

3. Try antiseptic soaps.

Although using antiseptics soaps to scrub the face daily does not
guarantee that it will be totally free of microbes, it can still go a
long way in keeping germs away from your face. The main reason for acne
and fungal infections of the face is the constant presence of germs on
the face. A good antiseptic soap will help you in eliminating those

4. Moisturize, moisturize.

Do not allow your face to get dry before you use moisturizers on it.
Even if you have dried skin, try as much as possible to apply a good
moisturizing lotion on your face to keep it supple. Dry skin is more
susceptible to cracking and wrinkling. Also drink a generous amount of
water daily to increase hydration of the skin from inside.

5. Protect your face from the sun.

The ultraviolet ray from the sun has a damaging effect on the skin,
causing wrinkles, age spots, sun burn and other problems. Avoid walking
in the sun especially when it is hot in the afternoon. Alternatively,
you can use sunscreen or wear hats and face caps that shield your face
from the direct sunlight.


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