Career Tips Of The Week: 9 Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time Around Negative People

Well, in this edition of T.I.N Magazine career tips, we bring to you nine signs you maybe spending a lot of your time with the wrong people,
when we say “wrong people” everyone should definitely understand what that means, it means people who are actually not contributing to the the progress of your career, people who might actually be having bad influences on you, we all need to get rid of things like that. Read the few tips below and make changes in your life today.

1. You Talk About Them a Lot

Grumbling to your co-workers about your rude boss, or complaining to
your spouse about that self-absorbed relative takes time and energy.
Talking about toxic people when they’re not around gives them more power
over your life.

2. You Lose Your Temper

Whether you’re dealing with a master manipulator or the office
gossip, toxic people can stir up strong emotions. If yo

u’re not careful,
the stress and frustration can easily turn to rage. When a toxic
individual gets the best of you, you may feel like you’re not in control of your emotions.

3. Your Self-Esteem Dwindles

Toxic people are often rude, insulting, and downright degrading. And
sometimes, it can be tempting to think things like, “My father makes me
feel bad about myself.” But ultimately, your self-worth is up to you and
should never be dependent on someone else.

4. You Blame Him or Her for Your Behavior

If you fall prey to a toxic person’s manipulation, you may be tempted
to blame him or her for the choices you make. Placing blame for what’s
going on in your life, however, is a clear sign that a toxic person has
too much power over you. Accept personal responsibility for how you
spend your time and who you spend it with.

5. You Dread Spending Time With Them

Feelings of dread can consume a lot of your time and energy. Whether
you’re going to a party with a toxic relative, or you’re attending a
meeting with a toxic co-worker, allowing that event to ruin the hours,
or perhaps even days, leading up to it is a sign that a toxic person is

6. You Stoop to Their Level

If you’ve started thinking, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” you
may start behaving in a way that isn’t in accordance with your values.
Stooping to a toxic person’s level often comes as a last resort, but it
isn’t an effective coping strategy. Ultimately, it will only create more
chaos in your life.

7. You Don’t Set Healthy Boundaries

A toxic individual’s manipulative and aggressive tactics can make it difficult to set healthy boundaries.
You may be taken off-guard by a co-worker’s audacity or left speechless
by your friend’s harsh words. But without healthy boundaries, it’s
impossible to protect yourself emotionally from their grasp.

8. You Resort to Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Pouring yourself a drink, or indulging in some extra helpings of
comfort food may make you feel better in the moment. But, over the
long-term, those unhealthy coping strategies can cause more problems. If
you’re resorting to quick fixes to help deal with the stress, a toxic
individual may have power over your life for years to come.

9. Your Relationships Suffer

Yelling at your kids to release your tension, or arguing with your
spouse because you came home in a bad mood after dealing with a toxic
individual, can cause serious damage. If you’re not careful, one
individual’s unhealthy behavior could infiltrate your other
relationships and cause them to suffer.

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