Romance: Here Are Top 10 Easy Ways To Spot Ladies Who Have No Boyfriends(guys)

Are you desperately looking for a girlfriend or ‘wife material’? Some girls can be so cunning, if she is bent on hiding her Boyfriend status, trust me you won’t know…But in all you might want to know the attitudes displayed by Ladies without Boyfriends. So you just take a deep breath and read along with me. Ways to spot Ladies who have no Boyfriends..

1)They are always on social media 24/7
They are very easy to spot on social media as they can be found in almost every section. They are usually online at odds hours giving relationship advice to other ladies even though they’re the ones that need advice.
2)They talk so much about Jesus Christ
They become S. U and are always spotted wearing skirts,blouse and shoulder pads that are 100km long,since every effort to get Boyfriends have failed them,they become born again Christians and always dress like my grandma.
3)They are open to flirting
Girls who are taken and happy at that, are usually less flirtatious than ladies who are available.
4)They are socially isolated
She could just go out with her friends and their boyfriends to a club or a bar, when the DJ hits it hard and her friends not excluding their boyfriends are having the fun of their life, she always sit and watch probably be the one that will snap all the pics of that day.

5)They put on their status “I don’t reply mails”
Some of them form classy and expensive babes by putting up all sorts of status on social media just to give guys the impression that they’re already taken,Believe them at your own peril. Because most of them don’t have…
6)They show their Backsides/Boobs as DPs
Those who don’t have any other thing to attract or offer aside their huge Boobs/bosoms will upload s*xually appealing pictures just to trap men down…..They are very easy to spot on instagram,facebook etc.
7)They always have the same status in their respective social networks
E.G Being single rocks,(once did this grin grin) in love with Jesus,Guys are only after s*x,i’m every man’s dream, self love tongue. They are quick to say “men are dogs”
9)They parade unnecessarily when they see cute guys around
Some of them start parading and will start adjusting the straps of their bras when they see guys around.This is usually done by girls who have little or no shame..
10)They are quick to say “I don’t ask guys for money”
They are quick to utter this statement so that guys will quickly develop interest in them and when you eventually do, they will tax you (but some are real though).

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