Health Tips: Foods You Should Consume Less

Ever wondered why some foods are healthy to eat in large proportions
while others are not? It is simply because of the amount of nutrient
present in each. Some are rich in fats and oils while others are loaded
with carbohydrates and proteins. The secret to healthy eating is
choosing which foods are healthy for your body type. It is generally
agreed that lean people should consume more carbohydrates and fats while
the chubby types should take more of proteins, fruits and vegetables.
Actually, every class of food can be consumed by anyone provided they
are taken in the right quantity. So in light of this, here are some
examples of food you should consume in lesser quantity:

Flour: Foods made with flour such as pastries and
snacks should be consumed in lesser quantity because of the gluten in
the flour. Although snacks are a quick fix for hunger and you can delay
eating real food when you have snacks at hand, you should not get used
to eating them daily. They contain a lot of preservatives and added
condiments which can prove toxic to the body over time.

Meat: Meat is generally classified into white meat
and red meat. However, it is advisable not to eat the skin of white meat
because this is the main layer where fat is stored. Whether you prefer
red or white meat, it is important not to consume them in excess.

Sugar: It is no secret that sugar ages you faster
and makes your skin wrinkle when a lot of it is consumed. Although it is
not possible to escape sugar as most of the food we eat contains it in
one form or the other, you can control which type of sugar, and how much
of it, you take in. Eating fruits which contain natural sugars are
healthy and consumption of artificial sugars found in processed foods
and drinks can be avoided.

Preservatives and seasonings: A lot of fast foods
contain a whole lot of additives and preservatives added to improve the
taste, flavor and even the color. And not all of them are healthy. Junk
and processed foods are usually loaded with different preservatives and
seasonings which are not beneficial for the body. It has recently been
discovered that these seasonings can cause cancer when taken
consistently over long periods of time.


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