NTDC Rebrands Tourism in Nigeria with Tour Nigeria

Tourism is believed to be the fastest growing industry across the
world, but this notion is otherwise for tourism in Nigeria. Despite the
rich and fascinating diversity of Nigeria, tourism have not been
yielding promising potentials and opportunities in the Nigerian
community. This setback can be traced back to the attitude of Nigeria
government towards the development of tourism centers.

However, in
1992, The Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) was setup
under the supervision of Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the
mandate to develop the tourism sector in Nigeria, so that it contributes
to the wealth and well-being of Nigerians. The corporation has been
encouraging, facilitating and developing tourism in Nigeria by offering
technical and informative advice to state and tourism entrepreneurs on
tourism promotion.

Recently, the corporation devised a scheme to
resurrect the sector. The scheme which was initiated under the
administration of Mr. Folarin Coker, the Director General of NTDC. The
initiative is geared towards re-branding the “Tour Nigeria” logo to
promote regional and domestic tourism in Nigeria. With this scheme, the
corporation is optimistic that the Nigeria creative expression and her
cultural cum natural assets will be promoted with local and foreign

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