Beauty Tips: 10 Ways You Are Losing Your Attractiveness Unknowningly

So here is an imprtant info for readers who care about their looks, you may be loosing your attractiveness knowingly or unknowingly and we are going top tell you why.

Your level of attractiveness determines how much appeal, desire and interest people have in you. There are many obvious ways of making yourself more appealing and attractive, ways like going to the gym, early morning exercise, push-ups, squats etc but there are also other ways you’re neglecting and help is not far away.

Below is a list of a few ways you might not be paying attention to. Read, examine yourself and put more effort where necessary. (This article applies to male and female alike).
1. Not getting enough sleep
People who sleep less look less attractive, more sad, and less healthy.  According to the Harvard healthy sleep blog, sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. Other vital functions there may include how you face the world each day you don’t get enough sleep. Getting your full eight hours of sleep every night ensures you wake up refreshed and ready to face the world every day.
2. Not being nice
No one likes being around a person who is constantly miserable and mean to everyone. The ‘No more Mr Nice guy’ saying doesn’t go along well with your attractiveness and appeal. Putting on a friendly personality draws people closer to you, it makes people more comfortable around you and you’re more likely to be picked amongst a long list of other friends when an outing or picnic indecision slides in.
3. Over-stressing yourself
It’s no secret that a person who is overstressed is most unappealing. You look physically uninviting when you’re always stressed out. I know everyone has got to hustle but then set some time aside for chilling. Do it to boost your appeal and for your own well-being.
4. Not having a stand
A people pleaser is an unattractive person. Taking a stand doesn’t make you uptight and rigid, No. It adds to your value as a person and that’s what makes introverts quite loveable. Your friends and family should understand that there are things you can do and things you wouldn’t do no matter how much pressure they put on you. Apart from making you more appealing, it boosts the level of trust and confidence people around you have for you. Yield only when extremely necessary.
5. No sense of humour
It’s easier to attract people to yourself when you got a great sense of humour. It makes people around you more relaxed and comfortable. You might have read articles online about women and how to make them like you more, having a great sense of humour is never omitted from such articles (Not even in error). Try to be jovial and be relaxed but while doing so, try not to make it look rehearsed and unnatural and don’t forget to crack jokes differently for boys and girls. A little sarcasm might also go a long way. You may actually be surprised as to how funny you are when you can just relax and be true to you.
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6. Being lazy
There’s no faster way to ruin your attractiveness than being lazy. Laziness works hand in hand with motivation. People find it hard to rely on you if you’re lazy typically because they feel you can never get anything done in time. So get up and get moving, make a check-list and try to accomplish everything on that list each day, set goals and let people see you accomplish them. People will naturally draw close to someone who is doing something for their life and future. They see such ones as motivations. Life is really beautiful and exciting, but you can’t experience it from a couch!
7. Body language
Your body language has a lot to tell about you. It can exhibit quite a few unattractive traits such as weakness, nervousness, insecurity, discomfort and more. The way you sit and stand may come off more unattractive than you realize. For instance, standing with your arms folded can give people the impression that you are closed off and uncomfortable. This alone

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