The Wanton Abuse of Spiritual Powers – Tony Ogunlowo

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The Wanton Abuse of Spiritual Powers by Tony Ogunlowo

“ With great power comes great responsibility”, goes the common saying.

Some people are very fortunate to be endowed with great spiritual powers; they’re able to see the future, heal and, through prayer and meditation, avert disasters amongst other things.

On the downside certain unscrupulous people with spiritual abilities are using it for evil purposes; to cast spells to destroy and kill people, cheat nature by faking healings, manipulating predictions and creating questionable instant wealth.

Any spiritual power is a gift from God and the fortunate recipient must treat it with respect and be responsible with it. It is a gift that is to be used for the good and empowerment of Mankind and nothing else.

Having spiritual powers connects us to the power of the Universe or the God-being. With practice these abilities can become limitless – nothing is impossible – as the recipient becomes privy to great knowledge and wisdom. The cars we drive, the computers we use, cures for diseases, the future foretold and disasters averted are all as a result of certain individuals using their spiritual abilities for the greater glory of Mankind.

But there are those who use it for dark, evil purposes.

Because you can doesn’t give you the right to put ‘juju’ on someone destroying their life and tampering with their destiny. The repercussions, maybe not immediately, will be severe.

Likewise using spiritual powers to do anything bad contravenes the Law of the Universe and God. The spiritual power endowed upon such persons becomes tainted. It’s no longer a gift but becomes a tool for the Devil to wrought his work. The said practitioner is now using black magic.

Again to all black magic practitioners out there, there are severe repercussions for abusing God-given spiritual powers. For every action there is an equal reaction. For whatever evil spells or curses you send out you can be rest assured it will come back to haunt you. Like a boomerang it will bounce back mostly at a time when you least expect it. Only in coming back the evil power sent out would have magnified, many time over, bringing disaster and calamity back to the sender. Desist.

Having spiritual powers is also not an excuse to enrich yourself at the expense of the needy as many rogue prophets and pastors and witchdoctors do. It’s a gift from God to be used to help others, if possible, and not to extort money from them.

So how should someone with spiritual powers act?

First and foremost the individual must realize the power is a gift from God and it must be treated with the utmost respect and used responsibly. It’s not for showing off, bragging or to be used to exert power over another person.

Under no circumstances is it to be used for evil purposes or anything that contravenes the will of God. If it’ is it becomes black magic and both practitioner and recipient will be held accountable, either in this life or the next.

It is not a money-spinner either. The mere fact you’ve got certain spiritual powers does not mean you have been given a licence to print money. There are unscrupulous practitioners out there, prophets and pastors included, who charge exorbitant fees for ‘healing’ and ‘predictions’. The powers you possess are a gift from God and should be as free as the air we breathe and the water we drink . Turning it into a business or using it to get more people to come to your church is wrong.

So you people, out there, who have certain spiritual powers remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t abuse it and don’t misuse it.

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