T.I.N Magazine Introduce New Interesting Categories

Hello readers, T.I.N magazine have just introduced new cool sections everybody is going to love.
The sections include: Editorials/Tips/Careers/.

This is to be based on information and articles compiled up to add to the knowledge of the public by anyone. This category will be a very interesting and educative one for our active Nigerian visitors,
which means anyone can send in whatever article they can write about Nigeria and Nigerians, articles that would help increase the  knowledge of our dear readers.
NOTE: Any article to be featured on this platform must be of concern to Nigerians and Nigerians alone
Have anything to feature here? send them to: tmtnonline@gmail.com

These are just brief techniques  that will be shared to let the smart readers of T.I.N  Magazine know things that will be of great benefits to them.

Here we shall update  you on the news on what will help our readers in their  career. We mean to update you with information that will let you know “whatsup” in Nigeria, things you should know about the labour market and more..

T.I.N Magazine still has a lot of big categories to be introduce later this year and next year.. keep checking and stay updated!

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